28 Best Summer Fragrances 2024, According to Glamour Editors

I’m going to France for vacation this summer and already know this is the fragrance I’m going to pack. Not only because I’ll be on the French Riviera, from where this fragrance originates, but because the aroma is simply to die for—but also, yes, because it perfectly embodies the coastal and fruit-forward yet elegant vibe. With notes of lemon, fougeres (translation: fern), jasmine, honey, vineyard peach, bergamot, mandarin, and white musk, it’s warm and fruity yet fresh and floral. The best way I can describe it is “juicy” or ripe in the absolute best way. Don’t let the peach deter you, either: While sweet and zesty like the stonefruit, it’s woodsy, luxurious, and sexy. This is what transporting via fragrance is all about. —D.S.

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