50+ Fall Movies That Are Perfect to Cozy Up With This Autumn

It’s fall, a time to cozy up with a pumpkin spice latte and a good book and then realize you…don’t want to read a book. What you’re really in the mood for are fall movies. (If you’ve already binged Gilmore Girls, that is.)

So, to the theaters? Maybe. The season is traditionally when some of the best movies of the year come to theaters. After the studios make their money with summer blockbusters, they roll out their awards contenders from Labor Day to Christmas. But with the Hollywood strikes still on-going, only a few new movies have been given exemptions. And we wanna keep that golden-leaf energy every day!

Thankfully, there are more than enough good fall movies, new and old, to keep us in the mood all season long. Yes, plenty are about Halloween, and witchcraft in general, but just as many are about taking a stroll in the park with your lover or solving a mystery while wearing a sweater. Whether you’re a Practical Magic girlie surrounded by cats, a horror fan locking her doors and practicing her Scream, or a perpetual grad student missing the plaids of School of Rock, movie nights with these classics will fill your nose with the scent of new pencils and wrap you in a scarf of cinematic crispness.

Click through the find the best fall movies, and how to watch them right now.

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