A Doorbell Camera Has Captured The Ideal Mother-In-Law

Mothers-in-law often get a bad rap. And, yes, in some cases, they earn it. But even with all of the MIL stereotypes and bad behavior, it’s important to recognize that some of them are absolutely amazing, if you get so lucky.

Need some video footage to prove it? We’ve got it for you!

Over on TikTok, Amy, of @TheBellFam_, shared some amazing footage from her Nest Doorbell Cam to explain why her mother-in-law is just obviously the best.

“My mother-in-law every time she comes to our house,” Amy wrote in the video, followed by a teary-eyed emoji. The mom of five recently had identical twin girls.

In the video, we see grandma walking up the path to the house repeatedly over time, always carrying something helpful for the baby — huge packages of diapers, groceries, and clothes from Marshalls.

This woman does not visit empty handed. And it has made an impression on her daughter-in-law.

“So thankful for her! She always comes with diapers, formula, food, or clothes/shoes for the kids. I hope to be this kind of MIL/grandma one day,” Amy writes in the caption.

Pretty sure she’s also carrying coffee for everyone in part of the footage! Angel!

Down in the comments, people were in awe of this perfect specimen.

“Awww… she’s like my baby had babies, I am here to help,” one said.

“Value her because it’s rare to have a mother-in-law that amazing,” another said.

“Golden Retriever in law — I need one of those!” one person wrote.

Some shared about their awesome mothers-in-law — those who bring supplies and others that just bring a ready and willing set of hands to help out any way that they can.

And many enjoyed playing a game of compare-and-contrast with their own mothers-in-law.

“Mine only brings drama when she comes over,” one quipped.

“Mine just brings a headache,” said another.

“Mine could literally N E V E R,” another added with emphasis.

Everyone, though, it seemed, was bookmarking the video for future #MILgoals.

“I aspire to be her,” read one comment — and a bunch of others.

It seems simple, doesn’t it? Just don’t come to visit empty-handed. Just help out our family. Just bring diapers instead of drama. Everyone taking notes?

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