A Mom Received A Rude RSVP About Her Son's Taylor Swift Birthday Party

A mom on TikTok shared her surprise after receiving an interesting RSVP for her son’s Taylor Swift-themed birthday party, stating that their child would not be attending the celebration because the party was “against their beliefs.”

Now, she’s trying to understand what exactly that means.

“My 8-year-old Sam is having a Taylor Swift birthday party, and yesterday I received a text message from a parent of a child who was invited letting us know that their child will not be attending because it is against their beliefs,” Jolene began.

Initially, Jolene and her husband wanted to follow up with the parents to see exactly what they meant by their “confrontational” comment but decided against it after talking it over.

“I’m not exactly sure what belief system you have, like what religion is out here saying, ‘Thou shall not listen to Taylor Swift,’” she joked.

Despite feeling a little off about the rude RSVP, she explained in her video that she feels their absence is for the better of herself and her son who they are raising in a gender-non-conforming household.

“We do not want anybody coming to our party who is going to be feeling uncomfortable or making us feel uncomfortable so you know it’s a good thing,” she said.

“My husband and I, we have been parents for 8 years, and our son has always liked the pretty things in life so we are very used to parents and people gendering things like clothes and hobbies and toys. I wasn’t exactly sure how music fell into it. I figured it would because I know Taylor Swift is very girly pop. Just was wondering if it works both ways,” she said.

She asks some pretty interesting questions, opening up a conversation about misogyny, the patriarchy, and why there seem to be different rules when it comes to boys and girls and their role models.

“Are little girls not allowed to listen to male artists, or is it just like certain male artists who give off like, masculine vibes? Because I’ve always found it kind of weird that we don’t want boys liking women like that or looking up to women. What’s the problem in boys liking women?” she asked.

“Isn’t that what the goal is for some of y’all? Because girls are allowed to look up to girls and girls are allowed to look up to boys, but boys aren’t allowed to look up to girls.”

“It’s almost like you think it would be a downgrade for them to look up to women or something.”

Bingo! It’s pretty clear she has these people pegged. Whether they think Taylor Swift is a devil-worshipping Illuminati member, or they simply cannot deal with a young boy looking up to a female artist, it seems like their absence won’t be missed.

Despite the off-putting response, the party went off without a hitch, and it looked super fun!

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