'Abandon Biden' rallies Pennsylvania voters on primary day

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The “Abandon Biden” group is rallying Pennsylvania voters ahead of the state’s primary contest to protest President Biden’s handling of the Israel-Hamas war. 

Biden has secured the Democratic nomination and has visited the Keystone State in recent weeks. Pennsylvania, a swing-state state in the 2024 general election, carries 19 Electoral College votes and stands as an important battleground to Biden’s reelection path against the likely matchup against the Republican Party presumptive nominee, former President Trump. 

The “Abandon Biden” effort is spearheaded by Muslim and Arab-American voters around the country. Biden has dealt with similar efforts in other battleground states like Wisconsin, Arizona and North Carolina. The push won over 13 percent of the vote in Michigan, representing more than 100,000 people in the state.  

“Abandon Biden” Pennsylvania has urged Keystone State residents to write in “No Joe,” seeing it as equal to the “uncommitted” vote featured in previous state contests. 

“We call on all people of conscience to write-in ‘NO JOE’, expressing a desire for ‘cease-fire’, or any other message that speaks to your convictions, this campaign is about channeling our collective frustration into a powerful democratic act,” Co-Chair of Abandon Biden Pennsylvania Rabiul Chowdhury said in a statement. 

“This includes writing in “uncommitted.” As we engage with community members and leaders, it’s evident that there’s a strong desire to explore alternatives and express a resounding call for change,” Chowdhury continued. “On April 23rd, let your write-in vote be your voice in this crucial conversation, reminding all that democracy thrives on participation and the courage to demand better.”

Pennsylvania has one of the biggest Jewish populations. The state also has a substantial Arab American population. 

Biden was in Florida on Tuesday for a campaign event. He condemned the six-week abortion ban in the state set to take place in less than two weeks and tied the issue to Trump. 

“Next week, one of the nation’s most extreme anti-abortion laws takes effect here in Florida,” Biden said in Florida. “It’s criminalizing reproductive health care for before women even know whether they’re pregnant. Let’s be real clear. There’s one person responsible for this nightmare. And he’s acknowledged and he brags about it. Donald Trump.”

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The president urged Pennsylvania voters to head to the polls on Tuesday.  

“Pennsylvania, today is your presidential primary,” Biden said in a post on social media platform X. “There’s too much at stake to sit this one out.” 

Biden won Pennsylvania by around 80,000 votes in 2020. The former president beat Hillary Clinton, a Democrat, by less than 45,000 votes in 2016.

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