Arthur Hayes predicts $10 surge for dogwifhat as memecoin mania heats up

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Former BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes stirs excitement in the crypto sphere by endorsing Dogwifhat, forecasting a $10 milestone amidst surging memecoin fervor. As Hayes backs WIF, Galaxy Fox emerges as the next potential, driving anticipation for early investment opportunities.

Former BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes habitually jumps into positions when most believe it is already too late, and then markets save him.

This has played out time and time again. Most experts said it was the top when he entered Solana at $50. But Hayes’ decision to ape has proven to be profitable.

As the former CEO of BitMEX, Hayes has more trading experience than almost anybody, and his technique of sizing into established momentum plays is virtually undefeated. 

$10 dogwifhat ($WIF)? Arthur Hayes says yes- and if he is sizing into memecoins, it means a second leg of memecoin mania will break out in the coming weeks. While Hayes loads up on $WIF, this meme, Galaxy Fox ($GFOX), is headed for significant returns.

Dogwifhat reaching $10?

Dogwifhat has taken over the Solana ecosystem and pulled out ahead of the prior favorite $BONK.

Arthur Hayes tweeted ‘‘The hat stays on while I count to $10. LFG fam are you $WIF me?’’ A bold prediction coming from the former BitMEX CEO.

Still, this target appears incredibly reasonable given $WIF’s relentless upward trajectory and total mindshare among on-chain degens.

The fundraising effort to put the WIF logo on the Vegas Sphere was successful, with $650,000 raised in several days. When this becomes a reality remains more uncertain.

Still,  $WIF has cemented its position as a market-leading meme project this cycle and is one of the top cryptos to buy right now. 

Already lumbered with a $2.6 billion market cap, netting a 3X on this giant is not a bad return. But for investors seeking those truly high-octane thrills that are only possible with small caps, GFOX has them covered.

Galaxy Fox: A 100X expedition?

Galaxy Fox has yet to trade on the open market, and anybody can participate in this ICO to learn how to buy new crypto before listing.

Getting a presale allocation of a memecoin before the second leg of memecoin mania breaks out is a dream proposition, and forecasts expect $GFOX to come out of the gate fast, rallying 100X in the next six months.

Galaxy Fox’s hybrid nature, developed tokenomics model, and market-wide macro factors drive these impressive forecasts.

Blending a play-to-earn game into a classic memecoin design has proven to be a winning strategy, and funding has already eclipsed $5 million.

This endless runner game prizes the top 20% of the leaderboard. It lets users turn gaming acumen into cash and provides a perfect onboarding funnel for the ecosystem.

The ability to win cash prizes by playing is a powerful incentive, and the staking program unlocks passive income for all holders. The flywheel is perfect: users arrive to play and then stay to earn.

The tokenomics model exists in a league of its own and explains why GFOX is being hailed as a third-gen memecoin.

Staking rewards are funded via taxes and, combined with the token burn, introduce a unique mechanic where stakers earn yield on a deflationary asset. 

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