Bella Hadid Balanced Her Ultra-Short Skort With Dangerously High Platform Loafers

But what is a skort? Not to be confused with the pants skirt, which is more ambling and soft. The skort is a hybrid item, combining a mini skirt (in many cases, a micro-skirt) with a pair of shorts underneath. A ploy borrowed from the tennis world, the trending item is feminine, comfortable, often very sexy, thanks to the super mini hemline.

Finishing off this look is a nude-colored tank top, worn without a bra, and with a wide neckline. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Bella Hadid ensemble without a generous dose of accessories that define the contemporary luxury look: the black belt with Gucci logo, the soft red leather Ancora bucket bag featuring the iconic two-tone canvas strap, and the brand’s monogram fabric platform loafers. Her choice of footwear only upped the ante through a prominent sole that re-imagines a classic from the Italian fashion house.

She differentiated the look from its runway counterpart with lots of jewelry, including multiple gold rings and a pair of very 80s bold earrings. But what personalizes Bella Hadid’s look the most are are the pair of black rectangular-framed eyeglasses, an accessory that adds a touch oh-so librarian.

This article was originally published by Italian Vogue.

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