Billie Eilish Is Gen-Z’s Adam Sandler

Does Billie Eilish have photos of Adam Sandler on her mood board?

Sandler is, in my opinion, one of the most successful dressers in Hollywood, thanks to the parachute-size shorts, the weird graphic tees, the worn-in basketball sneakers, and the B&G pickle jars he so often sports as if they were It bags. This 57-year-old is the unlikely antihero in an era of Timothée Chalamets and Barry Keoghans, whose extreme attempts at being considered stylish have so often resulted in shimmering halter-neck tops and midriff-baring waistcoats on the red carpet. It is obvious that Sandler loves his clothes, but this is also a man that harbors zero ambition to be on a best-dressed list.

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This is something that Billie Eilish seems to understand on an almost spiritual level. See the backwards caps, the extra-large basketball jerseys, and shin-length jorts that have started to mirror the Brooklynite’s charmingly slobbish approach to dress. Eilish has always preferred an outsized silhouette—a riposte, she has said, to the media’s fixation on women’s bodies—but Sandler’s downtrodden-’90s-sports-coach aesthetic is at this point an undeniable influence. (She is perhaps the only pop star willing to wear dad-joke T-shirts that read, “I have the dick, so I make the rules.”)

This reached an apotheosis on June 5 when she was photographed strolling through Paris in an oversized blazer, a Rhino T-shirt, shin-length shorts, and éS skate sneakers. She was headed to an album launch but could just as feasibly have been posing at a 1996 premiere for Happy Gilmore.

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