Binance requests release of detained employee in Nigeria 

Binance has asked the Nigerian government to free one of its two arrested employees after the other reportedly escaped custody late last month. 

The world’s largest crypto exchange has requested the release of Tigran Gambaryan from Nigerian custody as the African nation investigates Binance for alleged tax evasion as part of an ongoing crackdown. 

According to Binance, Gambaryan holds no decision-making power in the crypto giant and should not be punished for aspersions levied against the firm. An official statement shared with on April 3 argued for Gambaryan’s freedom while the crypto firm and Nigerian government officials continue negotiations. 

Tigran is a strict law enforcement professional and is not part of Binance management. While he has left official service of the U.S. government, he has remained fully committed to the role of law enforcement officer ever since, operating as a global advocate for good governance and transparent regulatory financial practices.

Binance statement on proposed Gambaryan’s release

Nigeria arrests two Binance executives

Gambaryan, an American citizen, was arrested alongside British-Kenyan Nadeem Anjarwall by Nigerian law enforcement back in February. The pair were accosted at an Abuja airport after authorities petitioned Binance representatives to appear at the capital city. All naira and P2P services in the country have been halted since then.

Nigerian financial crime agencies and regulators initially accused the crypto exchange of allowing money laundering, terrorist financing, and forex exchange rate manipulation. 

Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Olayemi Cardoso, also claimed the platform facilitated $26 billion in untraceable wealth last year amid reports that the country was considering fining Binance a whopping $10 billion for infringements. 

Local prosecutors obtained a court order compelling the crypto exchange to hand over data and transaction history on all Nigerian users on the crypto exchange. In late March, Anjarwall reportedly escaped from an Abuja guest house and boarded a flight.

A company spokesperson confirmed the news and emphasized collaboration with Nigeria’s government to reach a swift resolution on the matter. Per Reuters, the country has engaged Interpool regarding an international arrest warrant to apprehend Anjarwall while discussion continues over a tax evasion probe. 

The two employees also filed a violation against fundamental human rights lawsuit against Nigeria after they were held for over two weeks without charge.

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