Blake Lively Turned Her Betty Buzz Commercial Into A Simple Favor 2, Basically

And finally, the shirtless man. Before Lively founded Betty Buzz in 2021, her husband Ryan Reynolds already had a gin brand, and Lively synergistically promoted both Aviation Gin and A Simple Favor in this memorable Instagram post, which finds her, in character as Emily, um, dominating a naked man who is holding a martini.

The fandom caught on right away. On Instagram, the comments section is flooded with people mistaking Lively’s latest ad for a teaser for A Simple Favor 2: Favorable Boogaloo. “This is so Emily Nelson from a simple favor coded,” reads a representative post. The Betty Booze account (basically, spiked Betty Buzz) even commented, “We’re just asking men for a simple favor 🤷‍♀️.” And for anyone who actually thinks this is “cruel,” well, guess you haven’t sampled the Betty line. It’s quite good, you should try it.

So for the movie, what’s taking so long? Paul Feig, are you working on something more important? A quick scan of your Instagram reveals that you…oh, you started a gin line. Is that why you and Blake aren’t back on set together? Because Ryan is now your rival? Can’t we all just get drunk and get along? Anna Kendrick, please, make peace so we can get our sequel!

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