BOME, MEME, MEW, and DOGE20 defy market crash

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Despite recent downturns in the broader cryptocurrency market, select meme coins like Book of Meme, Memecoin, cat in a dog’s world, and Dogecoin20 have shown resilience, bucking the trend with positive gains.

Despite growing anticipation of the upcoming Bitcoin halving, the crypto market has struggled today, with the total market cap down 4.8%. However, meme coin season has prevailed with Book of Meme, Memecoin, cat in a dogs world, and Dogecoin20 all displaying resilience.

Crypto market flushes but memes stand strong

A slew of bearish events have aligned to crash crypto prices. Prominent market analyst Ash Crypto highlighted this in a recent tweet, noting Grayscale $GBTC outflows, excessive leveraged trading, a pre-halving correction, and a rise in U.S. 10-year treasury yields caused the recent market crash.

However, degens are unfazed, continuing to sink liquidity into their favorite meme coins. BOME is leading the way, up 6.7% today and 12.7% this week.

Market analyst YG predicted BOME’s recent bullish trajectory last week, highlighting it broke from an ascending triangle pattern. 

At the time of writing, BOME was trading at $0.0135, and now it is priced at $0.0161.

BOME, MEME, MEW, and DOGE20 defy market crash - 2

Moving to Memecoin, its price is up due to a recent announcement that the project will launch its own blockchain, providing a “safe, low-cost, degen-friendly way to build on-chain.”

MEME will be used for its native gas token, forging a long-term demand stream that could bolster its price.

It saw an uptick following the announcement, breaking a short-term resistance and currently trading at $0.042, up 7.1% today and 4.1% this week.

BOME, MEME, MEW, and DOGE20 defy market crash - 3

Meanwhile, cat in a dogs world is a newly launched Solana meme coin that soared to over a $500 million market cap in its opening week.

It is currently up 18% today following an announcement that centralized exchange HTX will list the token for trading.

BOME, MEME, MEW, and DOGE20 defy market crash - 4

Adding to the excitement, the team alluded that it will airdrop another 5% of its supply. Its initial airdrop launched last week and was widely distributed to meme coin holders on the Solana network.

Indeed, the outsized performance of these projects presents a bullish outlook once the market recovers. However, analysts are also considerably bullish on Dogecoin20, a new presale meme coin that raised a staggering $10 million in its first week.

New memecoin Dogecoin20 raises $10m in ICO 

Ushering in the next generation of meme coin innovation, Dogecoin20 has become one of the market’s leading meme coins. After immense presale results, it is now looking ahead to its exchange launch.

The launch will take place on Doge Day (4/20) and is anticipated to do well, given the Doge Day enigma and its typical impact on meme coin prices. “This presale token is better than Dogecoin; it fixes DOGE forever,” prominent analyst Matthew Perry said in a recent YouTube video.

Although Dogecoin20 embraces the market leader’s name, it is not just another make-shift project piggybacking on its success. Instead, Dogecoin20 provides tangible benefits, starting with its flagship Stake-to-Earn mechanism.

This feature invites users to deposit their $DOGE20 in exchange for passive rewards. Currently, they can earn a 66% APY, but this decreases as more tokens are staked. Another advantage is its capped supply of 140 billion tokens. This negates a common criticism of Dogecoin, that it is inflationary and, therefore, not a good long-term investment.

However, time is of the essence in the Dogecoin20 presale. Potential buyers must be fast, with just 17 days until its exchange launch.

To learn more about the project, visit the Dogecoin20 Presale. 

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