BTC, LTC struggle in bear market as WW3 Shiba takes center stage

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Bitcoin and Litecoin face challenges, while WW3 Shiba, a new altcoin with unique GambleFi features and a promising presale, gains traction.

Bitcoin and Litecoin are major players in the crypto space, well-suited for long-term investments. However, the crypto community is currently considering a new altcoin, WW3 Shiba. This project has garnered considerable support for its presale due to its unique GambleFi features and intriguing revenue share model. Several analysts predict it could grow 100 times by the end of 2024.

Bitcoin plunges 

Bitcoin’s current state is slumping, as its price has failed to rise to $70,000. Therefore, it becomes difficult to determine if the market has entered its bear phase or if the current dip is just temporary.

Market research has identified multiple causes that might push Bitcoin’s price as low as $50,000, and the fact that it has fallen below the $61,000 barrier (at the time of writing) brings back concerns of a deeper fall. A leading cryptocurrency firm, QCP Capital, just issued a weekend brief outlining several events that have contributed to the present negative sentiment.

According to QCP Capital, there are new challenges for Bitcoin’s $60,000 support level, which has traditionally been strong in the second quarter. The Mt. Gox payouts, says QCP, will cause a dramatic increase in market volatility as a large amount of supply floods the market. Furthermore, government entities’ significant sales of Bitcoin also impacted the sentiment.

Litecoin faces the dip

Analysts continue to support Litecoin as a strong performer despite the altcoin’s recent price slide to a low of $68.86 (at the time of writing). Litecoin is seen as reasonably stable in the generally unstable crypto market.

Litecoin has cemented its position as a medium of exchange for purchasing goods and making sales due to its very fast transaction speed, which is accompanied by little or no charges. It has become highly accessible to the general public, especially in the last couple of months, although it has the potential to be used in corporate activities soon.

WW3 Shiba: The promising new memecoin

WW3 Shiba is a SocialFi meme that many predict has the potential to increase by 580% during the presale. Experienced investors are adjusting their portfolios to accommodate this new memecoin. It is currently the leading new project, and Bitcoin and Litecoin investors are flocking to WW3 Shiba.

The team behind WW3 Shiba arrived at the party, clearly stating it would lock its tokens for three years. As a result, a memecoin that will mint 4.3 billion WW3S tokens will receive higher credibility. Investors participating in the presale will receive 5% of the total token supply. Investors are interested in purchasing WW3S tokens to improve their chances of earning up to 90% of staking rewards.

At the floor price of $0.001, memecoin investors are purchasing WW3S tokens. WW3 Shiba has been identified as one of the most promising new memecoins.

To learn more about the presale, visit WW3 Shiba’s website, Twitter, and Telegram.

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