Chelsea Blackwell Has a Message for Taylor Swift After Travis Kelce Reveals He's a Love Is Blind Fan

Poor Chelsea Blackwell probably couldn’t have predicted the amount of memes she’d generate when she first signed up to be on Love Is Blind, and she certainly didn’t expect to be put on blast by a certain Super Bowl–winning football player with a pop icon girlfriend. But now that she has, Blackwell has a small request for Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift: Please stop watching.

On his New Heights podcast, Kelce told his brother Jason that he has to watch Love Is Blind, which he described as “the worst trash ever” but “so fucking good.” Specifically, Travis said he wanted Jason to watch one contestant in particular, then went on to do an impression of Blackwell saying, “Am I clingy?” Not the number one thing she would probably want to hear, especially if this means Swift is watching too. To her credit, she took it on the chin in the TikTok comments, writing, “Your impression is spot on but I swear if you tell @Taylor Swift ima have fighting words 😂.”

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Chelsea Blackwell also responded to Kelce’s impression with a video of her own, posted to Instagram and TikTok. “I feel like I need to crawl under a rock, at this point,” she said. “The only outlet this man knows my name—not even knows my name, knows me—is from whining like a baby back bitch.” Sighing, she added with a laugh, “Taylor Swift, if you’re watching it with him…please stop.”

On Instagram, New Heights responded to Blackwell’s request with nothing but love. “Imitation is the highest form of flattery ❤😂,” they wrote. “(We’ve all been there 😅.)” Which is true, of course. Maybe Blackwell would feel better about the teasing if she took a moment to read through some of Kelce’s old tweets.

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