Dua Lipa Pulls Off Three Types of Bob Haircuts During Her SNL Double Shift

Dua Lipa probably felt like she had a lot to prove last night. In a new interview for The Guardian, Lipa admitted to feeling “humiliated” by the “go girl, give us nothing” meme that went viral after her performance at the 2018 Brit Awards.

“When people took that snippet of me dancing online and just turned it into a meme, and then when I won the best new artist Grammy and people were like, ‘She’s not deserving of it, she’s got no stage presence, she’s not going to stick around,’” Lipa said, admitting that it took two years to shake off the criticism. “Those things were hurtful. It was humiliating. I had to take myself off Twitter. The thing that made me the happiest—performing and writing songs—was also making me really upset because people were picking everything apart that I’d been working on, and I had to learn all that in front of everyone.”

Now, she’s joking about it on Saturday Night Live. “I didn’t give you nothing: I gave you the greatest meme of all time,” Lipa said in her opening monologue, “Tonight, I promise you, I’m going to give you everything.”

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