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Exploring altcoins poised for a breakout: Near Protocol, Ripple, NuggetRush

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Crypto analyst Bluntz predicts a new high for Near Protocol at $12, while whales buy over 600m XRP, and NuggetRush sees over 270 million tokens sold with investors eyeing a rally.

Bitcoin and Ethereum are undoubtedly the two biggest names in the cryptocurrency market. While investors are aware of the growth potentials of these top crypto coins heading into the bull market, there are other altcoins with bigger upside potential.

For investors looking for what crypto to buy to grow their portfolios, we have put together three of the most promising altcoins: Near Protocol, Ripple, and NuggetRush.

NuggetRush emerges as new gaming token with upside potential

While the big names dominate conversations in the crypto space, NuggetRush (NUGX) is one of the new defi projects poised for a big breakout in 2024. NuggetRush is a hyperrealistic virtual mining game that tests the strategy, wits, and entrepreneurial skills of players. 

Despite being a new gaming project, NuggetRush has already proven to be a massive success. In its cryptocurrency ICO phase, NuggetRush raised over $3.8 million for its development. In addition, the project has just been listed on Uniswap, with NUGX priced at $0.020. The recent airdrop of NUGX has raised even more excitement about the game as it rallied by 15% on Uniswap in just a few days. 

The game is set in a virtual world rich in gold and precious minerals. Players will employ the services of popular NFT characters and choose machinery and mining strategies to find these rewards. As players progress and complete challenges, they earn free tokens, rare gems, and trending NFTs. These rewards can be traded in for cash in the NuggetRush marketplace.

The unique, immersive, and profitable gaming experience of NuggetRush has been predicted to make NUGX one of the leading gaming tokens to buy now. With projections of a rally to $1.00, the current price of NUGX at $0.020 makes it the most promising new crypto to invest in the GameFi space.

Whales identify the potential in Ripple 

Despite being one of the top altcoins, Ripple (XRP) has fallen off the radar of many investors because of its bearish price action. Year-to-date, the price of XRP has tumbled by 15% while the likes of BTC have increased by over 70%. Despite its recent poor performance, whales are still interested in XRP.

Since April 5, whales have bought over 600m XRP coins. In addition, Santiment has reported that the number of whale wallets has surged to an all-time high. The recent interest from whales highlights the growing bullish sentiment around XRP. With the SEC case drawing to an end analysts are bullish that the altcoin price could surge as high as $5.00. 

Bluntz predicts potential surge to $12 for Near Protocol

Since the recent crypto crash, Near Protocol (NEAR) has been one of the best-performing altcoins. On the weekly timeframe, NEAR has surged by 30% crossing the $7.00 resistance level. Crypto trader Blutz has predicted that Near Protocol will still be one of the strongest performers in the coming weeks.

Based on the analysis of the trader, NEAR is primed for a break out rally. According to the chart shared by Bluntz, the upcoming rally will take the price of Near Protocol above $12.00 for a new two-year high. 


Near Protocol, Ripple, and NuggetRush are three altcoins that have been growing under the radar and in the coming weeks are poised to set a major rally and new highs. Of these three top altcoins, NUGX has shown the biggest potential, which could be further strengthened by its upcoming launch.

To learn more, visit the NuggetRush website.

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