Foxx sends final warning letter to Harvard in antisemitism probe, warns subpoenas are imminent

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House Education Committee Chairwoman Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-N.C.) sent a final warning letter to Harvard University on Wednesday for not complying with the panel’s antisemitism probe, warning that subpoenas will come if the school does not turn over requested information. 

The letter, sent to Harvard Corporation Senior Fellow Penny Pritzker and Interim President Alan Garber, says that despite Harvard saying it would cooperate with the process, the House committee has not received the information it has requested about instances of antisemitism on campus, discussions about antisemitism during university meetings and or other related topics.

“The Committee has sought to obtain information regarding Harvard’s response to the numerous incidents of antisemitism on its campus and steps taken to protect Jewish students, faculty, and staff. Harvard’s responses have been grossly insufficient, and the limited and dilatory nature of its productions is obstructing the Committee’s efforts,” Foxx said in the letter.  

Foxx said most of the information the committee has received from the school is either already publicly available or heavily redacted.  

She said only one document of significance has been given to the committee, which was the recommendations by Harvard’s Antisemitism Advisory Group on how to address antisemitism on campus.  

The chairwoman is giving Harvard until Feb. 14 to hand over the rest of the materials the committee is seeking.  

“If the above priority requests are left unfulfilled by the deadline set above, the Committee is prepared to issue a subpoena,” Foxx concluded.  

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