From The Confessional: 'My Husband Can’t Get Me Off’

There’s some celebration going on in the Scary Mommy Confessional this week: one reader is finally leaving a toxic job, and another is marking their husband’s one-year anniversary of being sober. But of course, there’s also plenty to complain about. For instance, a husband who isn’t doing too well in the bedroom, and the endless rollercoaster of daycare/school viruses. Oh, and if you’re feeling like life is extra-expensive lately, you’ll find plenty of people here who are in the same boat. Read on for the full roundup.

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I’m shamed for taking time off for sick kids

Confessional #55162771

I feel my husband is one of a kind. I cannot believe how lucky I am sometimes.

Confessional #51627717

Why is life SO EXPENSIVE?

Confessional #51729182

I’m f*cking exhausted and sick of being sick from my toddler’s daycare’s virus of the week.

Confessional #51909283

I feel like my house will never get clean no matter how hard I try

Confessional #51772190

I’m sick of the kids getting sick and then me getting sick! So many damn germs!!

Confessional #51427761

We have 3 kids everything is so expensive and things are tough. I’m so tired of it

Confessional #51567266

I’m so tired of living paycheck to paycheck

Confessional #59918273

I love my mom but I don’t like her she always makes me feel horrible.

Confessional #51627765

Struggling with my son not having any friends to invite to his birthday. My heart breaks.

Confessional #51516273

My husband had one year sober today!

Confessional #55771283

I have cooked dinner every night for an uncountable time period, even when not my turn

Confessional #51516277

I want another baby, we’ve had two miscarriages in 7 months & now my husband says hes done

Confessional #51126737

40yo going back to school to restart my career. I’m terrified! Am I too late?

Confessional #51612223

So happy I’m leaving my toxic job in 4 weeks!!!

Confessional #51612256

Hubby does more for the people he works with than his family. He does nada at home

Confessional #51617265

I hope my MIL retires and moves far away

Confessional #51781822

Anxiety. For no specific reason. Or for every reason.

Confessional #51787612

My husband can’t get me off!

Confessional #51981982

Middle management is the loneliest place to be

Confessional #51989726

I am a teacher with my own kids and I really really hate homework this week!! No more

Confessional #51909871

My husband lost his job and now everything is really on me

Confessional #51627263

I wish my husband would stop scrolling and be more present for our kids

Confessional #51898772

I’m not a bad person if I don’t want to pet your dog!! It’s a sensory thing.

Confessional #51718765

My due date is in 5 weeks. I am scared.

Confessional #51624543

Im sad I can’t afford the wedding of my dreams. Even though it’s simple

Confessional #59098761

Writing a check for $100k to the IRS 💀​

Confessional #56167726

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