How To Delete A Google Account


Deleting a Google account removes all calendars, emails, files, photos and access to YouTube or Google Play subscriptions from said account—here’s how to securely delete your Google account.

Key Facts

Users can delete Google accounts through the data and privacy section.

Users also have the option to delete Google services, such as a gmail account, without deleting their Google accounts.

How To Delete A Google Account

To delete a Google account, select Manage Your Google Account, go to the Data and Privacy tab, select More Options and click Delete Your Google Account. From there, users will be prompted to enter the account password, read about what will be lost, check off boxes that acknowledge responsibility for pending transactions and affirm their desire to permanently delete the account and its data and select Delete Account.

How To Delete A Gmail Account

To delete a gmail account, under the Data and Privacy tab, go to Data From Apps and Services You Use and click on Delete a Google Service. Users will be prompted to enter the account password and recommended to download their data before being able to click on the trash icon opposite the Gmail option. Users will then have to input a non-gmail email address to continue to access other Google services, such as Calendar and YouTube.

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