Investors set eyes on Injective, SUI, and Borroe Finance

Investors are actively looking at Injective (INJ), SUI, and Borroe Finance (ROE). While INJ and SUI have been performing well, ROE has been particularly successful in its presale stages. 

Will Injective skyrocket in 2024?

In 2023, Injective rallied, becoming one of the top performers. 

However, in early 2024, INJ prices cooled off. 

Despite this, experts predict that INJ will recover, citing favorable technical pattern formation. 

By analysts’ projections, INJ may reach $43.35 in the sessions ahead.

SUI is bullish

Sui is popular and gaining attention due to its efficient blockchain solution. 

In January, SUI soared to an all-time high of $1.64, making it the 48th largest cryptocurrency. 

However, SUI fell 10.97% to $1.46 from its all-time high in February. 

Supporters are bullish, expecting the coin to reach $1.77 in the months ahead.

Borroe Finance may disrupt defi

Borroe Finance uses AI, NFT, and blockchain technology to reshape traditional finance. 

It is a web3 invoice discounting NFT marketplace that provides instant funding for businesses by selling discounted NFTs. 

In stage 4 of the presale, ROE is trading for $0.019 but will rise to $0.040 when it list on leading exchanges.

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