KangaMoon tipped as the next big riser by analysts

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KangaMoon is set to launch on BitMart after raising over 6.8 million in presale. Experts believe KANG has the potential to make notable ROIs for investors.

In January, crypto coins like Bonk (BONK) and Dogwifhat (WIF) triggered an extended bullish momentum that has seen both tokens achieve their respective all-time price peaks so far. Notably, the bullish sentiment resulted in significant ROIs for investors who bought these crypto coins in January.

Currently, there’s a similar opportunity to buy the KangaMoon (KANG) project ahead of what is likely to be an exponential rallying season. In case you missed investing in Bonk and Dogwifhat, here’s an opportunity to make amends and grow your investment portfolio by investing in the KANG’s presale. More details about the new coin are below.

KangaMoon set sight on launch with an imminent BitMart listing

KangaMoon is setting the stage for an imminent token launch on the blockchain network after several stages of presales. So far, KangaMoon has recorded massive success in its presale, having raised over $6.8 million. Notably, early investors who bought the KANG presale are recording up to 400% ROI, given the consistent price growth of the KANG token in presale. 

In another round of development, the BitMart exchange has announced an imminent listing of the KANG token soon. This goes to show that KANG is gradually shining through with its promising potential. Notably, the announcement is an added boost to the already surging momentum of KangaMoon in the market. As such, the KANG token will likely gain up to 500% in the coming weeks, which could make it one of the cryptos to buy for good future price gains.

Meanwhile, KangaMoon as a platform embodies the unique features of a play-to-earn platform. For context, the project’s P2E ecosystem rewards members with DeFi valuables and KANG tokens for landmark achievements on the project’s games. 

Also, the SocialFi structure nurtures a thriving community of meme enthusiasts who can interact and share insights. Overall, KangaMoon represents a futuristic blockchain platform that is both socially active and an investment gold mine. 

Dogwifhat’s price points toward an extended bullish sentiment 

Among the thousands of tokens in the industry, Dogwifhat has been one of the best-performing meme coins since the start of the year, given its over 1,500% price growth since January, according to market data. Also, Dogwifhat’s market cap has grown to over $2.8 billion, trumping rival meme counterparts like Floki and Bonk.

With a fresh round of bullish momentum for Dogwifhat price, investors may see the token set a new all-time price high in the coming weeks, making it a promising crypto to buy in May.

Bonk soars in momentum 

Bonk’s price value has been recording impressive numbers in the crypto market recently. As shown in the market stats, the price value of Bonk has gained over 70% within the last month. Similarly, Bonk’s trading volume has been on a positive uptrend over the last few weeks, with an average day-to-day growth of 30%.

Currently, Bonk is less than 50% of its all-time price peak. At the current trajectory, that feat could be achieved in the coming weeks. With the listing of Bonk in Bithumb, the second largest crypto exchange in South Korea, analysts believe that Bonk will do 20x in the coming weeks, making it one of the potential cryptos to invest in now. 

To learn more about this project, visit the KangaMoon website or join the Telegram community.

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