Kim Kardashian Just Debuted a Bright Pink Bob and…She Actually Looks Really Cool?

Kim Kardashian has done it again. Less than 24 hours after debuting icy platinum blonde hair, the The Kardashians star gave fans whiplash after posting a brand-new pink bob to Instagram.

Could this be the look Kardashian wears to the 2024 Met Gala? Only time will tell, especially since right now the only confirmed attendees are the co-hosts Zendaya, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Chris Hemsworth, and Bad Bunny. That said, Glamour highly suspects the Skims founder will be in attendance, especially since her edgy new do is so on trend.

Not only did fellow beauty chameleon Megan Fox debut a similar style for spring, but according to Richy Kandasamy, R+Color vice president of color development and collective member, bold pastel colors are in for summer. “Soft hues, such as neon orchid lavender, peach lover, and denim-jacket blu are poised to dominate,” says Kandasamy, which we’ve already seen with Megan Fox’s blue-jeans bob.

“Micro-dosing in delicate pastels; that’s where the magic of spring and summer happens,” Kandasamy continues, who believes that both full heads of pastel and super subtle pops it it are the next big thing. Kardashian’s new shade falls somewhere between the two, since her whole head is dyed pink but she’s embracing darker roots. And honestly, she looks cool as hell.

kim kardashian pink bob

As for why pastels are so in for summer 2024? “Pastel colors are incredibly versatile and can serve as statement pieces or accessories to enhance your overall look,” Kandasamy explains. “They offer flexibility and creativity, allowing you to easily refresh or change your style throughout the seasons. Just like earrings or bracelets, pastel statement colors can add flair and personality to your appearance.”

Sounds like Met Gala-worthy hair to me!

kim kardashian pink bob
kim kardashian pink bob

Are you feeling inspired? If so, Kandasamy recommends using semi-permanent hair color to get the look yourself. “You can achieve these dreamy shades easily with R+Color Half-Truth Semi-Permanent Hair Color. It’s all about that subtle touch of pastel, perfect for those seeking an ethereal vibe,” he says.

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