Lindenhof Keller in Zurich, Switzerland

The walls underneath Lindenhof  are of significant historical importance as they represent various periods of Zurich’s past. These walls include remnants from the Gallo-Roman, and Carolingian periods, each contributing to the rich tapestry of the city’s history.


During the Roman occupation, the area known as Turicum was fortified with a castellum (a small Roman fort), parts of which still exist today. These fortifications were part of a broader network of Roman military sites intended to secure the region. The walls from this period are visible in the Lindenhofkeller.


The Lindenhofkeller also houses remnants of structures from the Carolingian dynasty, specifically from a time when the site served as a royal palace (Königspfalz). This period highlights the transition of Lindenhof from a Roman outpost to a medieval epicenter of power and governance.



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