Marjorie Taylor Greene rips ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’: HBO show depicts Trump supporters as ‘racists and red necks’

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) is blasting a politically charged episode of “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” saying it “lied” and painted conservatives in her state and supporters of former President Trump as “racists and red necks.”

“I watched this week’s episode of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ and it was a glaring reminder of why most Georgian’s resent Republicans in our state for inviting the nasty commies from California, the Hollywood elites, into our state by dishing out Hollywood tax credits,” Greene said in a Tuesday post on X, formerly known as Twitter.

The comedy, Greene said, “made fun of our good new law that stops the Stacey Abrams vote pandering machine and prevents voter fraud.”

The episode that aired Sunday continued a plotline from the Season 12 premiere of the HBO series that found Larry David’s character arrested for offering water to a voter who was standing in line for hours on a hot Election Day in Georgia.

As part of the storyline, David’s arrest becomes a cause célèbre, with cameos from 2022 Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams and Bruce Springsteen.

“Larry David is about action, not words. He saw an injustice and he did what he could to right it,” Abrams said in the episode.

“Involvement, that’s Larry David’s middle name,” Springsteen exclaimed.

Georgia’s Election Integrity Act, which was signed into law by Gov. Brian Kemp (R) in 2021, prohibits the distribution of food or water to voters waiting to cast their ballots at polling locations in the Peach State.

At another point in the episode, David’s character is on the hunt and knocking on doors in an effort to replace a Black lawn jockey statue — which the Jim Crow Museum has called “demeaning relics of a racist past” — that he damaged while staying at an Airbnb in Atlanta.

When a man wearing a pro-Trump “Make America Great Again” hat opens the door, he tells David, “I recognize you: You’re the wingnut that came down here and is messing with our elections.”

In her social media post, Greene ripped the show and “disgusting Hollywood,” accusing their “disgusting values and elite judgement” of “trying to turn [Georgia] blue!”

“And we expect our Republican controlled state leaders to protect GA from the radical left not continually legislate a way in for them which is slowly handing [Georgia] over to the Democrats,” Greene said.

A representative for HBO didn’t immediately return ITK’s request for comment.

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