Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Commit to Sweatpants in the Heat of Summer

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are names we all remember fondly from growing up with their movies, many of us identifying with one specific twin based on their feminine or tomboy sense of style. Although they both retired from acting and went on to lead very private lives, they are still very present in our minds thanks to their brand, The Row.

The Row—Kendall Jenner’s favorite brand and the creator of the next Birkin—was founded when the Olsen twins were 18 years old. The Row began with a simple but ambitious goal: to create the perfect white T-shirt. With impeccable tailoring and high quality fabrics, they achieved their goal and went on to design garments that any fashionista would want to have in their closet. The Row doesn’t follow trends, they create them—and with their elevated basics of unparalleled quality, they have popularized the concept of quiet luxury, where elegance is shown without ostentation, logos, or flashy designs.

In their personal lives, the Olsen twins also resort to the mantra “less is more” when dressing, always opting for oversized silhouettes over tight-fitting garments while teaching us to love a worn-out Birkin full of stories. And this summer, the Olsen twins have remained true to their winning formula even as the temperatures rise, traipsing around New York City in their most comfortable sweats.

Mary-Kate Olsen manages to turn sweatpants and an oversized T-shirt into a stylish and fashionable outfit by adding a touch of color with cherry red ballerina flats, which match perfectly with her red-tinted sunglasses. According to The Daily Mail, Mary-Kate wore this look for a stroll with her boyfriend PC Valmorbida on June 12. However, the best part of the image is her star accessory: a shopping bag with her own brand logo emblazoned on the front.

Meanwhile, Ashley Olsen recently similar sweatpants in NYC, trading ballet flats for flip flops and topping off the casual look with a crocodile shoulder bag and ski goggle-inspired sunglasses. You can see the photos here and here.

The Olsen twins have created a fashion empire with The Row, managing to compete directly with brands like Hermès and Chanel in less than twenty years, challenging even the Birkin bag. Their philosophy is simple: dress comfortably with quality pieces.

According to Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, the summer uniform is loose-fitting clothes and effortless footwear, because there is nothing more elegant than comfort.

This article was originally published by Glamour España.

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