Mary Trump Counters George Clooney With ‘Much Bigger News’ About Her Uncle

Mary Trump issued a scathing reminder about her uncle, former President Donald Trump, to counter what she described as the media hysteria surrounding movie star George Clooney’s call for President Joe Biden to end his 2024 campaign.

Clooney expressed his love for Biden in a New York Times opinion piece on Wednesday, but urged the president to drop out of the race and for Democrats to find a new nominee. Biden has come under increasing pressure since his disastrous debate performance against presumptive GOP nominee Trump.

“While our hysterical friends in the corporate media continue to lose their minds over Joe Biden’s loss of support from the star of ‘Monuments Men,’ it should be much bigger news that Donald has lost the support of virtually every single person who served with him when he was in the Oval Office ― including the vice president [Mike Pence] his followers, whom he incited, almost murdered on January 6, 2021,” the former president’s niece wrote in the latest issue of her email newsletter, “The Good In Us.”

Mary Trump described Pence as “a shameless sycophant who polished my uncle’s boots for four years” but said his “abandoning” of Trump and “refusing to endorse him, and refusing to vote for him seems like a bigger story to me than anything George Clooney has to say.”

Read Mary Trump’s full email here.


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