Matthew Slater gets full-time job with Patriots

Matthew Slater has clocked out, but he’s not leaving.

Slater, who was previously working as an advisor to the Patriots, is now a full-time employee, according to Mike Reiss of

Reiss reports that Slater will be the “right-hand man” to new head coach Jerod Mayo.

Both arrived via the 2008 draft. Mayo was a first-round pick; Slater was a fifth-rounder. Technically a receiver (he had one career catch, for 46 yards), Slater was a long-time special-teams captain and an excellent special-teams player.

Reiss explain that Slater will be a “sounding board on football and team building,” and that he’ll assist with “people development.”

It’s a smart move for Mayo. Head coaches need key assistants who are both competent and trustworthy. Mayo and Slater are close friends; the trust is implied. Now, they’ll try to do as coaches what they did as players.

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