Mijas Miniatures Museum in Mijas, Spain

When visiting the Mijas Miniatures Museum, the sheer uniqueness of the exhibits is captivating. Just the sign outside, promising sights such as stuffed dressed fleas, a ballet dancer carved out of a toothpick, a naval battle on the head of a pin, and Leonardo da Vinci’s “Last Supper” on a grain of rice, is enough to draw anyone in.

This museum, which opened on May 1, 1972, features 360 intricately crafted miniatures. What’s remarkable is that these tiny masterpieces are made from everyday materials like chalk, soap, pins, matches, toothpicks, bread crumbs, and drawing pins.

Max’s Caravan, the heart of this collection, reflects a lifetime of travels and interactions with diverse cultures worldwide. Each piece is a testament to human patience and creativity, making the museum a true celebration of global artistry and craftsmanship.

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