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Mollars founder’s video sparks debate, critiques Bitcoin’s hidden costs

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A viral video from the Mollars project founder raises critical questions about Bitcoin’s financial ethics and Satoshi Nakamoto, sparking widespread discussions.

In the midst of the wild fluctuations and dramatic developments in the crypto market today, a new animated video has gone viral, capturing the attention of both enthusiasts and investors. The video, released by the founder of the Mollars project, has sparked widespread discussion over the 1 million Bitcoins Satoshi Nakamoto has in his ‘stash’ wallet.  

In the 30-second animated video, the Mollar token creator points out how certain investors will lose money each time Bitcoin founder Satoshi sells one of his ‘stashed’ BTC. He continues, asking where the money to pay for Satoshi Nakamoto’s 1 million Bitcoins will come from.

“Every time you cash out those free tokens somebody has to lose. Doesn’t that bother you guys?” asks the animated character of Mollars token’s founder in the now controversial video.

In a frank dialogue, the video also clarifies the financial ethics behind the Mollars project. 

“We get paid to create this project but no tokens will be held free,” he says in a reply to an animated version of Ryoshi from Shiba Inu (SHIB) token.

Mollars is an up-and-coming project set to launch on the Ethereum blockchain in May. The price of the cryptocurrency during its ICO stage is $0.55 cents per token with experts forecasting huge jumps in value.

Those familiar with the brand’s whitepaper understand that the presale tokenomics includes funding the professionals involved with Mollars. Most importantly, it is specified that no person will get free tokens following this phase. The reward for the founder, developers, and marketers involved with the MOLLARS token will simply be credit for creating an SOV asset to rival Bitcoin.

Interestingly, the Mollars founder, who remains an enigma just as Satoshi Nakamoto, has been watching the path of the BTC founder with great detail.  Earlier they called out Satoshi for having kept secret wallets with 1 million of  Bitcoin’s 21-million total minted supply for himself, indirectly calling the token a ‘farce’ in terms of decentralization. 

The creator of the new SOV token also cited sources from credible auditors to back up claims, which were captured in several news stories.  

Launched with the aim of ‘true decentralization,’ Mollars is designed to address perceived flaws in Bitcoin by offering a store-of-value asset on a scalable blockchain with 80% lower transaction fees for buying, selling, and converting.  

Critics of Bitcoin highlight its high costs and limited scalability, arguing it’s not yet suitable for real-world commercial transactions. In contrast, Mollars has gained traction among investors, raising over $1.2 million in its ICO presale, with 2.6 million tokens. Over 66% of the available ICO supply has already been acquired by traders.

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