Ogbunike Caves in Ogbunike, Nigeria

Sais to be discovered by a man named Ukwa, from the Umucheke family of Ifite-Ogbunike, the Ogbunike Cave is a system of caverns nested within a sizable subterranean chasm, entwined by a confusing maze of winding passageways. Legend has it that the caves were created by a deity, Ogba, who they believe lives within.

The walkway into the valley where the caves are located is made up of about 317 steps. When they arrive, visitors are greeted by water dripping down from the rocks, which is rumored to have healing properties. For that reason, tourists often come with bottles or gallons to collect water. Pastors and native doctors also come to collect water to perform supposed miracles.

Inside the caves, hundreds of bats hang from the ceilings. There are also pythons and crocodiles, and it would be impossible to traverse without a tour guide.

There is an annual festival called Ime Ogbe celebrated in commemoration of the discovery of the caves. 

Ogbunike Caves is part of the Tentative list of Nigeria in order to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List. 

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