Paul Bunyan & Babe the Blue Ox in Rumford, Maine

Rumford, Maine is one of several places that pride themselves as an important historical site remembering Paul Bunyan and his trusty blue ox.

On the banks of the Androscoggin River stands a 20-foot-high statue of lumberjack and legend Paul Bunyan, and Babe the blue ox. The story says that Bunyan was born in Northeast Maine. A baby of size and stature never before seen. He grew and grew. Rather than befriending a dog, he joined up with a massive blue ox.

The duo would wander the forests felling trees that reached to the skies, Bunyan’s ax bringing them down like toothpicks. Babe would then drag them out to local mill merchants. 

Today, you can find the pair by the banks of this massive river. Babe and Bunyan side-by-side, still appearing larger than life.

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