Porzingis shares calf injury update, jokes about ‘historic' recovery

Porzingis shares calf injury update, jokes about ‘historic’ recovery originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

BOSTON — Celtics big man Kristaps Porzingis was a surprise sight on the court after the team practiced Saturday, and while he stressed that it will take some time for his right calf injury to heal, Porzingis is optimistic he will eventually be back on the floor with his teammates.

“I’m getting better every day so, in a good mood today, and every day I would say,” said Porzingis. “But of course it sucks to be out, to not be able to play with my guys, but doing what I can now to come back as soon as possible.

“It’s something, it’s not nothing. So it will take a little bit of time, for sure. But I’m doing everything I can to speed it up because I want to be back out there as soon as possible. But understanding, like, the worst thing would be probably to reaggravate that. So being smart.

“You would have to ask the medical people about this specifics of it. I’m kind of just following the plan. But I’m hoping for a return as soon as I start to get better.”

Porzingis noted that the soleus injury is similar to a left calf ailment he sustained in November against the Magic — one of two potential teams the Celtics could see next round. Porzingis missed four games in the aftermath of that injury and the team gave him management days throughout December.

The Magic and Cavaliers play Game 7 Sunday to determine Boston’s Round 2 opponent. That series starts Tuesday night in Boston.

“I had similar [calf issue] earlier in the season. It was against Orlando, that game, and I think I missed a week and a bit,” said Porzingis. “But we took it very slow, very cautious. This time around, because of the part of the season we’re in, it’s going to be much more aggressive, I would say, but being smart. Again, day-by-day — week, not day-by-day, week-by-week — and just seeing how I progress and hoping for quick recovery.”

Porzingis stressed that this injury is more severe but said his timeline hinges heavily on how the calf responds when he increases activity.

“I’m not on the floor yet. But very soon I expect to start doing stuff,” said Porzingis. “Still in the weight room, still movement, and slowly building up. I would say each day it’s a lot of progress, still very fresh, but making progress and feel good …

“There’s no specific date, obviously. It’s still pretty early. I think it will be clear once I start doing more stuff. Once I start doing more stuff, it will be clearer. But yeah. Not super close yet.”

Porzingis waited a beat, then deadpanned, “But expecting to recover at a historic rate.”


The Latvian big man admitted he feared the worst when he pulled up during Game 4 in Miami, and it was a blow knowing he would miss time in the postseason.

“Tough, tough, tough. I’m not gonna lie, it’s tough,” said Porzingis. “First few moments were really tough. It gets you down for a second. It is what it is. It’s part of the sport and these things happen and the best I can do now, is, OK, what’s the next thing I have to do to get healthy as soon as possible? And follow the plan and make sure I do everything and just getting in that mindset because I can’t change what happened in the game.

“That’s it. So just looking forward to making quick steps forward toward being back on the court.”

Porzingis said he still expects to travel with the team in Round 2.

“I want to be around the team even if I’m not playing,” said Porzingis. “So I expect to travel.”

Celtics coach Joe Mazzulla, talking after Porzingis’ media session, couldn’t offer much insight on Porzingis’ progress.

“I haven’t paid any attention,” said Mazzulla. “I have no idea.”

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