Queer Eye Drama? Karamo Says Antoni Only Invited Tan France to His Bachelor Party

Is there beef amongst the Queer Eye dream team? Well, that kind of depends on the level of your parasocial relationship with this particular group of coworkers.

On September 14, the emotional makeover series’s culture specialist Karamo Brown appeared on drama-monger Andy Cohen’s Sirius XM radio show to promote his daytime talk show Karamo when he got unexpectedly candid about avocado—sorry, food and wine—expert Antoni Porowski’s recent bachelor party. “I wasn’t invited,” Brown told Cohen.

For those not caught up on the Queer Eye gang’s personal lives, Porowski is engaged to his boyfriend of three years, Kevin Harrington. However, despite playfully egging on relationship rumors with Jonathan Van Ness as recently as 2022, Tan France was allegedly the only member of the Fab Five to score an invite to Porowski’s singlehood sendoff. Supermodel Gigi Hadid was also in attendance.

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Though interior designer Bobby Berk previously shared with Cohen that he did not attend the event, Brown confirmed that it wasn’t a scheduling conflict that caused Berk’s absence. After joking about “the shade of it all,” the 42-year-old told Cohen, point blank, “Bobby was not invited, I was not invited, and Jonathan was not invited.” He added, “Just Tan was invited. The shade.”

When Cohen said that Berk made it sound like he simply wasn’t able to “make it,” Brown continued, “No. Listen, I’m all about being real and being upfront. We weren’t invited…”

Whether attempting to quell feud rumors or sharing his honest feelings on the subject, Brown went on to defend Porowski’s guest list, saying, “When it comes to events like that—like family things, weddings—it costs money, so I don’t take offense to it.” Brown then went even further, saying that while he assumes the Fab Five will be invited to the wedding, he wouldn’t mind if he wasn’t because of “costs per plate.”

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