Raboo challenges Pepe and Dogwifhat in the memecoin market

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Raboo enters the meme coin market with unique AI integration, challenging established players Pepe and Dogwifhat as it eyes significant growth in its presale phase.

Pepe and Dogwifhat have been two of the most notable meme coins of the past couple of years. However, their dominance may be threatened by a hot new meme coin known as Raboo. 

Fusing AI with memes, Raboo has stormed ahead in its presale, with projections of similar returns to PEPE and WIF this year. Let’s explore what these three projects have in store for investors in 2024.

Raboo emerges as the MemeFi trailblazer

Memecoins are certainly one of crypto’s most vibrant sectors. Their collective market cap currently tops $55 billion—more than double the AI crypto market cap. Within this space, Raboo is fast becoming seen as a hot new memecoin teeming with potential. 

Raboo is built with a plan to become the largest meme-based community, aiming to rival established giants like Pepe and Dogwifhat. As a MemeFi pioneer, Raboo is crafting an ecosystem where creativity translates into profit.

Its advanced AI technology empowers community members to generate hilarious memes. Thanks to its proprietary Rabooscan, the AI is fed the latest memes found on social media. RABT token holders then compete to produce the funniest memes, earning generous rewards in the process.

With over $1 million already funneled into its presale — boosting its price from $0.003 to $0.0042 — analysts are making bold Raboo price predictions. They predict a 233% increase during the presale, with forecasts suggesting a staggering 100x growth in 2024. 

Pepe poised for further bullishness

Pepe became the hot new meme coin of 2023 after bursting onto the scene with its famous Pepe the Frog-themed branding. It quickly became a favorite among investors with its deflationary mechanism and a no-tax policy aimed at boosting holder rewards. 

From the start of February, Pepe’s price rocketed by over 1,100% to its peak in mid-March. Despite a steep drop of more than 60% to $0.000006609, Pepe has recovered well to around $0.000007129. 

Pepe price predictions remain bullish, foreseeing a potential surge to just under $0.00007 later this year — a near 10x rise. However, these Pepe price predictions seem conservative compared to Raboo’s potential.

Dogwifhat’s performance and future projections

If Pepe was the hot new meme coin of 2023, then Dogwifhat was undoubtedly the hot new meme coin of 2024. Built on the fast Solana blockchain, Dogwifhat has captivated investors with its Shiba Inu mascot adorned in a pink hat.

From January 8th, Dogwifhat’s price skyrocketed over 7,100% to its March peak, reflecting bullish sentiment similar to Raboo’s price predictions. However, like Pepe, Dogwifhat experienced a sharp decline of more than 61% to $1.89 by mid-April. 

Currently priced around 2.68, Dogwifhat price predictions remain optimistic, suggesting $10 might be achievable later this year. Yet, with Raboo on the scene, these gains could be under pressure.


Pepe and Dogwifhat’s price predictions remain bullish, but their upside seems relatively limited compared to Raboo. After all, the newest meme coins pump the most, and Raboo seems to be well on its way to delivering big returns.

To learn more, visit the Raboo website.

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