Raboo rises while AAVE and SNX gain momentum this week

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Raboo surges as Aave and Synthetix gain momentum this week, highlighting the growing interest in defi and memecoins.

Decentralized finance is the best blockchain invention since cryptocurrency itself. Aave and Synthetix are defi coin winners this week, with the Aave price bumping against 9.66% gains for the week and Synthetix making it just shy of 2.44%. Holding defi coins is a great way to enter the lucrative defi market. Amid these, the new AI meme-fi coin Raboo, currently in its third presale phase, stands out. 

Aave: 15% TVL increase in a month

Aave is not the biggest defi coin, but it is most certainly one of the fastest growing, coming in at 15% growth in the last month, trumping the defi giant Lido. Since the Bitcoin halving, defi has been in a steady upturn, and the defi market is at levels last seen two years ago.   

The Aave price has taken a pounding since the crash of 2021. But as every fighter knows, it is not how many times you fall but how often you get up. The Aave price has doubled since September, and with a 9.66% gain for the last week and the defi market gaining speed, Aave could just be a coin to watch.

Synthetix: Old coin getting up to new tricks

As one of the earliest defi coins, Synthetix has been around since 2018. Along with the rest of the crypto market, Synthetix spiked in 2021 before returning to earth in the crypto winter that followed. Synthetix was relegated to a footnote in crypto history. However, Synthetix found some legs as it gained a third of its value in just ten days, outpacing even the big boys. 

Can Synthetix reach the highs of 2021 again? If the last week is anything to go by, Synthetix may be a defi coin worth speculating on. 

Raboo: Defi and memecoin rolled into one

Memecoins are about the only coins hotter than defi coins, and new entry Raboo is getting in on the action on both fronts. As a memecoin, it is part of the $62 billion market leveraging internet culture, but it underpins that internet feel-good with a staking capacity, which puts it firmly in the defi sphere.

Raboo token holders can lock tokens to earn rewards, enhancing the stability of the network and bolstering the potential yield for all participants.  

Raboo has already gained over $1.5 million in liquidity. With nearly 7,000 subscribers and over 2,100 token holders, Raboo is one of the hottest crypto presales in the crypto sphere right now. By building a meme-based defi platform and backing it all up with an AI engine, Raboo is sure to rule the roost. 


Investing in defi coins is a double-win, as investors gain from the lucrative defi market as well as the appreciation in coin prices. As the Aave price has shown, there’s profit to be made. And getting in low on projects like Synthetix can make for healthy returns. However, the massive potential in Raboo makes it a shoo-in for the hottest crypto to invest in right now. Raboo is available at $0.0042.

Users can participate in the Raboo presale here or reach out on Telegram or Twitter

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