Sally Hawkins Will Star in a New Film from Talk to Me Directors Danny and Michael Philippou

It may not involve a creepy severed hand, but it’s a pretty good bet that the next film from writer-directors Danny and Michael Philippou will still be super-scary. And another film from A24 and the Talk to Me directors is on the way: Deadline reports that the brothers have cast Sally Hawkins in Bring Her Back, which is expected to begin filming this summer.

Absolutely nothing about the plot has been made public; Deadline only notes that it’s an original film, and it’s a horror film. The brothers are also making a sequel to Talk to Me (called, delightfully, Talk 2 Me) but it’s not entirely clear which of these films will arrive to scare your pants off first.

Hawkins is one of those quietly brilliant British actors you have probably seen in a whole list of incongruous films, from Paddington to The Shape of Water (pictured above). According to IMDb, she played an uncredited role as “Villager” in The Phantom Menace, but her breakout role was Poppy in Mike Leigh’s 2008 film Happy-Go-Lucky. She’s been consistently excellent since then in everything from Never Let Me Go to, yes, Paddingtons one and two. She’s probably even brilliant in Wonka.

Deadline notes that, along with Bring Her Back and Talk 2 Me, the brothers Philippou are developing “a documentary project inspired by their own journey into the world of international underground deathmatch wrestling.” icon-paragraph-end

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