School board member resigns after receiving backlash for controversial Facebook post on Israel-Hamas war

PHILADELPHIAA Pennsylvania school board member reveals her plans to resign after receiving backlash for a controversial post about the Israel-Hamas war.

Colonial School Board member, Jamina Clay-Dingle announced she is resigning in a post shared to Facebook on Thursday.

The post reads:


Clay Dingle makes it clear that though she is resigning from the school board, she plans to continue overseeing ten schools as the Assistant Superintendent for the School District of Philadelphia.

Monique Braxton, Deputy Chief of Communications/Spokesperson of the School District of Philadelphia released the following statement on behalf of the situation:

“As for her comments, The Board of Education Policy 320 states that employees are protected by the First Amendment when speaking on a matter of public concern that is not part of their job duties.’ The views and opinions expressed in Dr. Clay’s facebook post do not reflect the position, opinion or views of the School District of Philadelphia.”

Clay-Dingle’s post was a hot topic of discussion at Thursday night’s Colonial School Board meeting. Community members packed the meeting condemning her statements and concerned citizens lined up to speak for more than an hour.

The board president addressed the controversy to start things off and said that the board will officially vote to accept her resignation next month.

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