St. Paul's Pillar in Paphos, Cyprus

St. Paul’s Pillar is located in Panagia Chrysopolitissa archaeological site, less than a 10-minute walk from the harbor.

The pillar itself is an unassuming, stump of marble standing out in the open among the ruins of the early Christian basilica. Legend states the Roman Governor, Sergius Paulus, ordered St. Paul to be tied to one of the columns and flogged for preaching Christianity on the island. Sergius Paulus, eventually converted to Christianity.

Due to the location’s association with St. Paul, the site has long been considered religiously significant and as a result, several churches were built here over time. The ruins of Panagia Chrysopolitissa, a monumental basilica have added several floor mosaics to the things to see here.  There are also the remains of an episcopal palace where the Bishop would have resided.

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