The Best Bikini Trimmer of 2024, Tested & Reviewed

Welcome back to my campaign to convert everyone into Meridian electric shaver fans. But really—you can use it pretty much everywhere (bikini line, beard, balls, armpits). Its ceramic blades are harder and stay sharper than steel (and don’t rust), and its guards ensure it never nicks your skin—which is, shall we say, crucial especially where your bikini area is involved. You can easily shift between different length options, whether you want to even out your hair, buzz it, or basically shave it down to the skin sans razor (not all bikini trimmers can achieve such a close shave). The trimmer is totally waterproof, so you can take it into the shower if you want, and its travel lock ensures it doesn’t accidentally flip on if something nudges it in your toiletry bag.

  • Attachments: Two adjustable guide combs (3–6 mm; 9–12 mm)
  • Rechargeable: Yes
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • One reviewer says: Me again. I have coarse, curly pubes, and I used to have to use scissors to trim them first before using a trimmer. But there’s no need with the Meridian—it’s sturdy enough to trim it all. I toggle between the 0 and 3 mm options, depending on how close of a shave I want, and then use the trimmer in the direction that my hair grows. It’s made of a grippy, easy-to-hold material that never slips out of my fingers. I feel totally comfortable using it all over my bikini region (and I mean all over) without it ever cutting me. It takes only a minute or two to achieve a full “haircut.” The shaver comes with a cleaning brush, which I use to dust away any leftover debris from its blades, as well as a charging dock that doubles as a stand. The battery also lasts long. I’ll turn it on after a month of not using it, and it’s still good to go. Truly impressive. —Malia Griggs (this author), Glamour commerce editor

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