The Hanging Gardens of Leuven in Leuven, Belgium

The Netherlands has a strange knack for making toilets that become monuments, as one can be found in Amsterdam (link) and Leiden( link). Now Leuven is in Belgium, but it used to be part of the Netherlands, which may explain this place.


The hanging gardens of Leuven is a  19th century male urinal with three spots, and a simple wall to keep your modesty. It is right next to a large church, and right on the edge of a protected monumental neighborhood, which makes it a monumental toilet.


Unlike most public toilets however, this one is actually rather pleasant to visit, as it has constantly streaming water that washes over pourus rocks that were attached to the walls of the structure a long time ago. 


Since then many different kinds of plants have made the place their home, some of which are so rare that the place got protected once more as a unique biome. 


So regardless I’d you like architecture, plants, or just need to go. This is the place for you!

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