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Troy Aikman, NFL Hall of Famer, slams the Colts during the broadcast and calls the offense “pretty terrible”

In a Monday night loss to the Indianapolis Colts, the offense was shaky. Troy Aikman did not hesitate to voice his opinion.

The broadcast was broadcast by the Hall of Famer, who described the offense of the Colts as “pretty terrible.”

He made it clear that he believes quarterback Matt Ryan has reached the end of his career. He noted that he was surprised by Indy’s desire not to run but to throw the ball.

Aikman stated, “They’ve thrown it a lot more than what I expected,”

The three-time Super Bowl champion shared his thoughts about offensive ineptitude throughout the game.

In the first half, the Colts managed to score just 71 yards total offense against the Steelers defense.

Indy was defeated 24-17 by Pittsburgh, partly due to poor clock management in the final minutes.

Ryan completed five of his 13 passes for 36 yards and one interception in the contest’s first 30 minutes.

Ryan was not to blame for the turnover, Aikman admitted that wide receiver Michael Pittman Jr. shouldn’t have stopped running his route during the play.

Ryan and the Colts were able to get back on track at halftime. They scored 14 points in the final quarter. In Indianapolis, only three points were scored in the first two quarters.

Indy’s second-half performance may have been due to a renewed commitment to the rushing attack.

The former NFL MVP had 199 passing yards, one touchdown, and an interception.

The season in Indianapolis has not lived up to expectations. Indy traded for Ryan during the offseason, after Carson Wentz was fired as a veteran quarterback.

After a disappointing start of 3-5-1, Frank Reich was relieved by Jim Irsay, the team owner. Reich was replaced by Jeff Saturday, a former Colts center, on an interim basis.

The Colts (4-7-1), travel to Arlington this week to face the Cowboys (8-3).

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