Trump claims on video Biden 'quitting the race': 'That means we have Kamala'

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Former President Trump claimed that President Biden is leaving the race, making way for Vice President Harris, who he called “pathetic,” in a video posted to the former president’s Truth Social account Wednesday.

The video, which was first obtained by The Daily Beast, shows Trump on a golf course next to his youngest son, Barron Trump, boasting about his debate performance over Biden.

“Look at that old broken-down pile of crap,” he said of Biden. “You know, he just quit. He’s quitting the race.” 

Trump continued, saying “that means we have Kamala”

“She’s so bad, she’s so pathetic,” Trump added.

It’s unclear when exactly the video was taken. The Biden campaign has maintained that the president will continue his re-election campaign despite the panic within his party after last week’s disastrous debate.

Democrats are torn over whether Harris would have a better chance against Trump, with a small but growing list of elected Democrats calling on Biden to step aside. A CNN poll released Tuesday showed Harris running closer to Trump than Biden, while other polls show Biden losing ground to Trump nationally and in key battleground states.

Biden campaign spokesperson Sarafina Chitika released a scathing statement in response to the video.

“No Donald. What is bad is taking away women’s rights; what is bad is losing an election and encouraging a violent mob to attack the Capitol,” she wrote. 

The list continued with jabs at Trump’s record in office and recent legal troubles, including his conviction on 34 felony charges, as well as the Heritage Foundation’s Project 2025, which lays out a hard-right vision for a second Trump term.

“And what is bad is running on a platform of your revenge and retribution ahead of the what is best for our country. Thanks for letting us clear that up for you.”

Following the leak of the video, Trump’s campaign advisor Chris LaCivita wrote on X that “nothing in this video is incorrect.” 

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