Trump Says America Is ‘Just So Pathetic’ Before Touting Relationship With Autocrats


After denouncing a bipartisan deal that would impose new U.S. border restrictions, Donald Trump called America “pathetic” when claiming police and border patrol were not “allowed to do their work.”

Last month, Rolling Stone reported that Trump wanted to kill the Biden-endorsed immigration reform package and privately grumbled to his advisers that in supporting the proposed legislation, “stupid” Republicans could be handing Biden a major victory in the race for presidency.

Despite actively opposing reform that would provide federal authorities $20 billion in emergency funding to hire thousands of Border Patrol agents and resources that would essentially help them do their jobs, Trump complained during his interview with Newsmax on Monday that law enforcement officials are unable to “do their job.”

After referring to an alleged migrant attack on New York City officers, the former president told host Rob Schmitt, “We’re so pathetic as a country in terms of law and order.” He said, “We have the greatest police in the world, but they’re not allowed to do their jobs.”

“The police, you know, are dying to do their work, just like Border Patrol,” he continued. “The police want to do the job and they’re not doing it. They’re not allowed to do it.” After pausing, he added, “The country is just so pathetic.”

The ex-president proceeded to tout his friendly relationship with Russia’s president Vladimir Putin and talk with Taliban leader and founding member, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar. He also repeated his since refuted claim that “I didn’t have one person, one soldier shot in 18 months in Afghanistan.”

Trump has continued to put pressure on Republicans to block the potential PR victory for the Biden administration, despite many in his party previously demanding for increased security measures the bill would provide. While the ex-president continues to grouse over the state of law enforcement and immigrants seeking refuge in the U.S., it appears he remains interested in curbing illegal immigration only when it helps him politically.

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