Vanessa Hudgens' Copper Nails Are the Perfect Trend for Long-Lasting Manis

With party season just around the corner, we’ve found ourselves reaching more and more for glitter and festive nail designs like silver, gold, and chrome.

Vanessa Hudgens is definitely on the same wave length. As for how we know that? Hudgens’ very own nail artist Zola Ganzorigtis, who’s known for creating glossy looks like glazed donut nails, shared the actor’s latest manicure on her Instagram. And now that we’ve seen it, we’ve been nail-influenced.

Instead of opting for a silver or gold chrome, Hudgens showed off a set of delicious copper chrome nails. A fall and winter-friendly take on the chrome and mirror nail trends, they also serve as an especially easy way to elevate any wintertime look, and are therefore perfect for the holiday season.

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How to recreate copper nails

Ganzorigt covered Vanessa Hudgens’ extra-long, pointed nails with chrome-plated copper, with this type of effect being best achieved using a chrome powder which is then sealed with a top coat.

But that’s not to say that copper colored nails have to be high-gloss to be on trend. Instead it’s much more about the shade than the finish. Regular nail polish in this shade can also make for a simple, on trend mani, and it’s just as seasonally chic.

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