Weekly Horoscope: September 10 to September 16, 2023

Your weekly horoscope is here. Exhale out the past, breathe in the future. As you begin a new lunar cycle on Thursday, wind down and release. In fastidious Virgo, it’s giving a focus on wellness, detail, clean lines, and simplicity. Switch on your manifesting mojo and set your seeds of intention in fertile ‘can-do’ soil. Next, water them with your commitment and action. Mercury finally spins out of retrograde on Friday, so step up to the plate and bat for your cause. Read on to discover what’s in store for your sign during the week of September 10 through September 16, 2023.

Read on to discover your weekly horoscope and what’s in store for your sign during the week of September 10 through September 16, 2023.


With Jupiter, the planet of luck and abundance, sliding backward in your zone of finance and values, it’s time to back it up for a run-up at something big. A giant leap of faith in the income and cash department? Maybe you’re investing now and will see the gains later on down the track. In any case, it’s not the ideal moment to throw caution to the wind if spending or earning isn’t in line with what you value most. So get cozy with what that is and demand your worth. Belief in yourself and your abilities is key. Make the most of teachable moments and perhaps brush up on your financial acumen. A new moon on Thursday is prime time to set your work goals. Go for a bullet point, streamlined, and practical plan. Take care of your health; it’s your wealth. Commit to one thing that will make all the difference to your day.


Jupiter is the big hitter of the heavens; its role is to pry open opportunities and expand horizons. Since it’s been bowling through your sign since May, you might have noticed a handy slipstream or two or that life has been serving up your flavor. Well, it’s pulled about into a retrograde through to the end of the year. Yes, that’s right, hashtag ‘not just Mercury’; Jupiter marches backward for about four months every year, making it a timely period to assess your growth and abundance. Since Jupiter’s great luck beams on you this entire year, lay plans like they will succeed. Stock up on optimism and remember opportunity is the intersection of preparation and luck. Reflect on your direction and how you’re going to get there. Choose a worthy goal and go big. Utilise Thursday’s new moon mojo to set your intentions around leisure, a creative pursuit, and dating.

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