What's the most expensive property sold in RI? July 6 real estate transactions

A Middletown home on Purgatory Road recently sold for $4,800,000. The home, located at the eastern end of Easton’s Beach, has four bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms with 2,958 square feet of living space on a half acre lot.

A home on Gibbs Avenue, Newport, sold for $3,290,000. It sits on a .46 acre lot with 4,818 square feet of living space. It has two primary suites, three more bedrooms, and three and a half bathrooms.

A home in Portsmouth sold for $3,280,000. On a 1.17 acre lot on Fischer Circle, it has 5,113 square feet of living space with four bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms.

A Benevolent Street home, in Providence, just sold for $3,200,000. With 4,400 square feet of living space, it’s on a 9,914 square foot lot. It has three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms.

Read on to see what homes sold in your neighborhood:


81 Captain Courtois Dr: Colleen M. and Paul J. Champagne of Attleboro to Lais and David B. Colville, $530,000 on 06/18/2024

49 Garden St: Homeview Prop Soln Inc of Attleboro to Karen D. Lawrence, $475,000 on 06/18/2024

881 Washington St: Woodie R. Mar and Dary N. Ellis of Attleboro to Jorden C. Turner, $465,626 on 06/17/2024

7 Cliff St: Xxl Investments LLC of Attleboro to M&m Investments Group LLC, $500,000 on 06/20/2024


26 Broadview Dr: Adam M. and Andrea L. Biehl of Barrington to Emily L. and Richard L. Weisbach, $1,475,000 on 06/27/2024

5 Northwest Psge: Anastasios J. and Marianthy Barakos of Barrington to Michael A. and Christa S. Ferrigno, $2,025,125 on 06/24/2024

16 Mathewson Rd: Carol Annette Cooke T and Carol A. Cooke of Barrington to 167 Mathewson Rd LLC, $1,595,000 on 06/28/2024

25 Blanding Ave: Carol S. Guimelli of Barrington to Liam P. Kenny and Kimberly J. Perez, $391,000 on 06/24/2024

55 Washington Rd: Dina M. Egge of Barrington to Marissa S. Mossberg and Jeremy Martinez, $720,000 on 06/25/2024

21 Frederick Dr: Frederick E. and Roberta T. Thompson of Barrington to David J. and Kathryn G. Daiell, $653,000 on 06/26/2024

616 County Rd: Herminio M. and Patti B. Agustin of Barrington to Julia A. Brekee-Riedl and Michael Riedl, $480,000 on 06/20/2024

20 Bullock Ave: John and Lisa Tang of Barrington to Sandra D. and Nicole R. Thompson, $884,000 on 06/28/2024

28 Anchorag Way: Jonathan Kuczmarski and Elizabeth Dibble of Barrington to Katherine and Barrett K. Nordstrom, $1,490,000 on 06/28/2024

17 Broadview Dr: Joy M. Wilson of Barrington to Dean T. and Tiffany H. Healey, $1,175,000 on 06/21/2024

10 Walnut Rd: Karen E. Antons of Barrington to Monissa J. Solberg, $1,435,000 on 06/28/2024

24 Sherwood Ln: Nicholas J. and Kristen E. Sietins of Barrington to Lisa Mchael, $535,000 on 06/20/2024

11 Sylvester St: Spencer and Elian Bentley of Barrington to Jun Zhang, $879,000 on 06/25/2024

65 Highlan Ave: Susan M. Hannon of Barrington to Samuel D. Kaufman, $950,000 on 06/28/2024

Block Island

27 High St Unit 4: Gregory F. and Betty J. Wujek of Block Island to David C. and Maria A. Burns, $746,500 on 06/21/2024


576 Metacom Ave: D1 Realty LLC of Bristol to Metatron Enterprise LLC, $275,000 on 06/26/2024

8 Gladding St: Jesse Erickson of Bristol to Jeffrey Culpan, $450,000 on 06/28/2024

Vernon Ave: John E. and Jane M. Balzano of Bristol to Elizabeth C Stubbs T and Elizabeth C. Stubbs, $700,000 on 06/26/2024

60 Monroe Ave: Manuel C. and Maria F. Da-Silva of Bristol to David M. Alemany, $442,000 on 06/28/2024

341 Thames St: Paul D. Fay and Julie M. Curtis of Bristol to William R. and Joan P. Martin, $800,000 on 06/27/2024

2 Jane Ln: Perry Lavina M Est and Celeste Mulrooney of Bristol to Taryn Arrighi, $446,000 on 06/25/2024

20 Karen Ann Dr: Samantha L. Mcphillips of Bristol to William A. Smith and Kathryn L. Ryan, $499,900 on 06/27/2024

17 Prospect St: Tlc & Sons LLC of Bristol to Michael S. Sheibar, $650,000 on 06/18/2024

16 Scott Ln: Tmc Keywest LLC of Bristol to Hongwei Zhao and Yonglei Ren, $365,000 on 06/18/2024

44 Seabreeze Ln Unit 44: Cimmino Jr Robert J Est and Kelly Cimmino of Bristol to Andrew and Elaine Crellin, $601,100 on 06/18/2024

669 Metacom Ave Unit 23: Farrell Ann L Est and Kevin P. Farrell of Bristol to Carol Benaud, $176,857 on 06/20/2024

505 Clarks Row Unit 505: Maureen Cronin of Bristol to Qian and Lii-Fang Chen, $625,000 on 06/24/2024


Colwell Rd: Girl Scouts Of Southeaste of Burrillville to Shinscot LLC, $24,000 on 06/21/2024

45-47 Park Ave: John Barish of Burrillville to Heather Kist, $465,000 on 06/28/2024

394 Colwell Rd: Lorraine P. Pennington of Burrillville to Zacheri and Deneen Laprade, $585,000 on 06/20/2024

80 Maureen Cir: Marc R. and Elizabeth E. Desilets of Burrillville to Tara J. and Gerald J. Berard, $660,000 on 06/27/2024

525 Cherry Farm Rd: New Era LLC of Burrillville to John and Mary Barish, $435,000 on 06/28/2024

183 Hill Rd: Nicole M. Martin of Burrillville to Cynthia Mcdonagh, $400,000 on 06/27/2024

175 Manley Dr: Sec Of Hsng & Urban Dev of Burrillville to Joshua Borges, $282,500 on 06/20/2024

15 Graniteville Rd Unit 15: D Armstrong Realty Inc of Burrillville to Edward J. Neves, $199,000 on 06/26/2024

Central Falls

69 Fales St: 69 Fales St LLC of Central Falls to Lumar Investments LLC, $625,000 on 06/18/2024

25 Ayr St: Brian Fournier of Central Falls to The Rupp Companies LLC, $505,000 on 06/21/2024

69 Fales St: Lumar Investments LLC of Central Falls to Yroli D. Ortiz, $750,000 on 06/18/2024

404 Roosevelt Ave Unit 301M: Dillon Kent C Est and Michael Odwyer of Central Falls to Katherine Commodore and Russell Pouliot, $299,000 on 06/18/2024


517 Ross Hill Rd: Edward Thompson of Charlestown to Ejm LLC, $65,000 on 06/28/2024

5075 Old Post Rd: Eugemia Enterprises LLC of Charlestown to Alberto R. Crespo, $850,000 on 06/27/2024

34 Deer Run: Genevieve Swiszez RET and Genevieve Swiszez of Charlestown to Kyle Osborne, $709,000 on 06/20/2024

94 Hiltrop Dr: Neil R. and Victoria Boisvert of Charlestown to Elizabeth Salisbury and Gregory Hamilton, $470,000 on 06/28/2024

23 Duhamel Ave: Penn Ft and Trevor Penn of Charlestown to Peter Gardner, $700,000 on 06/27/2024

42 Laurel Rd: Roger E. Harvey of Charlestown to Michael P. and Jennifer L. Gilluly, $330,000 on 06/21/2024

79 Willow Rd: Theresa Bouley of Charlestown to Raymond and Margaret Cavanagh, $725,000 on 06/26/2024

186 Shumankanuc Hill Rd: Wicklund Joan C Est and Matthew L. Lewiss of Charlestown to Patricia R. Wicklund, $350,000 on 06/20/2024


300 John Franklin Rd: Brian J. Alexander of Coventry to Cheryl and David V. Boscia, $640,000 on 06/18/2024

63 Twin Lakes Ave: Brian S. Zuba of Coventry to Cesar Irizarry, $335,000 on 06/20/2024

62 Pembroke Ln: Deborah M Went T and Deborah M. Went of Coventry to Andrew A. Blankenship, $427,900 on 06/18/2024

36 Meeting St: Driven Realty LLC of Coventry to Michael A. Zampini and Katherine Renehan, $477,500 on 06/21/2024

125 Reservoir Rd: Greg Gay and Britiany Browning of Coventry to Jonathan D. Paige, $470,000 on 06/20/2024

62 Pembroke Ln: Jennifer A. Malbaurn of Coventry to Andrew A. Blankenship, $427,900 on 06/18/2024

70 Teakwood Dr W: Jennifer Ludwig of Coventry to Richard Andrade, $599,000 on 06/18/2024

33 Blackrock Rd: Jessica and Stacie Brennan of Coventry to Robert Carnago, $355,000 on 06/17/2024

1110 Maple Valley Rd: John Mead and Joline Spencer of Coventry to Joshua and Polina Lowery, $446,100 on 06/17/2024

275 Hopkins Hollow Rd: John W. Studley of Coventry to Raymond D. Lamont and Jennifer A. Malbaurn, $600,000 on 06/18/2024

210 John Franklin Rd: Louis G. Joseph and Karen D. Hillman of Coventry to Matthew and Julie Salvatore, $625,000 on 06/21/2024

12 Darius Ln: Nancy A. and Robert J. Martin of Coventry to Paul and Sandra Boisvert, $226,000 on 06/20/2024

1 Sheltra Ave: Nolan Tonucci of Coventry to Matthew Gambardella and Hannah Hoy, $315,000 on 06/21/2024

Aline Ave: Patrick Conley of Coventry to Stanley Gurnick, $10,000 on 06/18/2024

6 Lucille St: Raymond D. Lamont of Coventry to Cheryl Vaughan, $395,000 on 06/18/2024

33 Lane F: Richard Butmarc of Coventry to Nicole C. Laliberte, $185,000 on 06/21/2024

26 Monroe Dr: Robert and Nicole A. Sturdahl of Coventry to Roxanne A. Macleod, $525,000 on 06/21/2024

45 Colvintown Rd: Roxanne M. Leod of Coventry to Jordan K. and Ashley N. Barbosa, $428,000 on 06/21/2024

287 Arnold Rd: Tyler S. and Giulianna L. Gomez of Coventry to James E. Gree, $350,000 on 06/17/2024

12 Broad St: Walter Moniz of Coventry to Savior Properties Inc, $170,000 on 06/17/2024

25 Town Farm Rd: Ward James M Est and Dawn Ward of Coventry to Grace Gregory, $340,000 on 06/21/2024

6466 Flat River Rd: William R. and Patricia L. Jarvis of Coventry to Jeremy B. Ratner, $238,000 on 06/17/2024

61 Niblick Cir Unit 61: J&m Home Buyers LLC of Coventry to Gary D. Bogosian and Vanessa C. Vento, $260,000 on 06/20/2024


18 Victory St: Achetto Rental LLC of Cranston to Yingjie A. Guan, $315,000 on 06/18/2024

78 Warren Ave: Alexander Meimarides and Paige Humphrey of Cranston to Marcus and Lynn Borch, $369,900 on 06/20/2024

6 Harcourt St: Anne Paparelli of Cranston to Frank Lauro, $250,000 on 06/20/2024

51 Stone Dr: Christine M. Christy of Cranston to Anthony S. and Jordan A. Votto, $425,000 on 06/20/2024

6 Owl Ct: David V. Boscia of Cranston to Joseph S. and Christy L. Watkins, $750,000 on 06/17/2024

76 W Hill Dr: Jacqueline Gerchman of Cranston to Nicole E. Damiani, $415,000 on 06/21/2024

Braeburn Cir: Jason T. Mollo and Danielle A. Leonardo of Cranston to Rhode Island Custum Bldrs, $250,000 on 06/21/2024

6 Glen Ridge Rd: Jennie A Fede RET and Glen Valeff of Cranston to Keith Haughey, $485,000 on 06/18/2024

12 Wisteria Ln: Jennifer P. Rivera of Cranston to Paulo J. and Lisa M. Bento, $475,000 on 06/17/2024

183 Grace St: John G. and Virginia H. Oneill of Cranston to David Betsch and Renee Buisson, $410,000 on 06/20/2024

178 Thunder Trl: John M. and Lori F. Zito of Cranston to Cynthia A. Sexton and Jean-Philippe Guimont, $800,000 on 06/21/2024

20 Apple Hill Dr: Lorraine L. Santiago of Cranston to Brett A. Rexter and Kayla L. Bourbon, $560,000 on 06/18/2024

34 Bellevue Dr: Marisa A. Souto of Cranston to Alexander Meimarides and Paige Humphrey, $482,500 on 06/20/2024

59 Howland Rd: Mary E. Krach and Carolyn D. Kocienda of Cranston to Carolyn F. Molina, $421,500 on 06/17/2024

56 Julia St: Ocean State Homes LLC of Cranston to Olakunle Oladapo and Adedunmomi Aderemi, $535,000 on 06/20/2024

31 Balsam Ct: Patricia M Albanese Irt and Patricia M. Albanese of Cranston to Lisa M. Correia, $226,250 on 06/18/2024

81 Alpine Estates Dr: Paul and Gayle Lentrichia of Cranston to Jill Benitez and Dixon Canario, $902,000 on 06/21/2024

28 Ashley St: Quantum Bldrs & Dev LLC of Cranston to Jonathan Valdez, $565,000 on 06/21/2024

20 Rosewood Ave: Stephanie C. Snyder of Cranston to Jared R. Allen and Marie E. Audette, $670,000 on 06/20/2024

31 Balsam Ct: Susan Flynn of Cranston to Lisa M. Correia, $226,250 on 06/18/2024

44 Holburn Ave: Sydney O. Supica and Emily V. Smith of Cranston to Nicole and Alexis Wells, $405,000 on 06/21/2024

30 Lark Ave: Symphony Pena of Cranston to Brian R. and Bruna I. Land, $392,000 on 06/17/2024


8-10 Lusitana Ave: Antonio S. Marques of Cumberland to Joshua A. Cabral and Nekeila N. Burgo, $582,000 on 06/17/2024

2 Plant St: Bernard J. Simpson of Cumberland to Real Estate Invest Grp LL, $315,000 on 06/20/2024

30 Hillside Rd: Diane F Prendergast RET and Diane F. Prendergast of Cumberland to Edward and Nancy Pelletier, $815,000 on 06/21/2024

19 Millers Brook Dr: Erik L. Demiranda of Cumberland to Reshma and John K. Abraham, $850,000 on 06/17/2024

1394 Mendon Rd: Gary J. and Maureen Dusablon of Cumberland to Slim Investments LLC, $300,000 on 06/18/2024

22 Sandy Way: Harry J Clauson RET and Paul Tucker of Cumberland to Murugan Boovaragasamy and Pradheeba Murugan, $525,000 on 06/21/2024

10 Millers Brook Dr: James J. and Lacey H. Ohalloran of Cumberland to Wilden and Aleksa Abreu, $840,000 on 06/17/2024

29 Sandy Way: Michael A. Marinelli of Cumberland to Rachel Perez and Christine Dreyer, $715,000 on 06/18/2024

27 Windsong Rd: Parra Ft and Joao P. Parra of Cumberland to Karen and Michael Wrona, $1,010,000 on 06/18/2024

50 2nd Ave: Rebecca L. Carey of Cumberland to Elevator Prop Inc, $280,000 on 06/21/2024

88 Weeks St: Steven D Girouard Bldg & of Cumberland to Prajapati Mukesh and Priyanka Prajapati, $499,000 on 06/20/2024


1587 Elm St: Rhine Kenneth P Est and Kiel Rhine of Dighton to Driven Realty LLC, $270,000 on 06/20/2024

East Greenwich

62 Phillips Rd: Alexander R. and Heather K. Albert of East Greenwich to Nicholas J. Smylie and Colleen A. Kelley, $745,066 on 06/17/2024

176 Main St: Jo-Al Prop LLC of East Greenwich to Wm3 Prop LLC, $2,000,000 on 06/17/2024

178 Main St: Jo-Al Prop LLC of East Greenwich to Wm3 Prop LLC, $2,000,000 on 06/17/2024

186 Main St: Jo-Al Prop LLC of East Greenwich to Wm3 Prop LLC, $2,000,000 on 06/17/2024

75 Marlborough St: Jo-Al Prop LLC of East Greenwich to Wm3 Prop LLC, $2,000,000 on 06/17/2024

77 Marlborough St: Jo-Al Prop LLC of East Greenwich to Wm3 Prop LLC, $2,000,000 on 06/17/2024

532 Shippeetown Rd: Matthew S. Cipriani of East Greenwich to Justin B. Wyatt and Jeffrey M. Clarke, $1,200,000 on 06/21/2024

50 Huling Ln: Michael C. Handy and Saskia A. Nilsen of East Greenwich to Debra Diprete, $725,000 on 06/17/2024

1515 High Hawk Rd: Prestidge Worldwide Inves of East Greenwich to Andrew and Caroline Buzzanca, $1,225,000 on 06/17/2024

85 Jefferson Dr: Thomas N. and Joelle M. Nichipor of East Greenwich to Yogesh and Anita Paliwal, $985,000 on 06/18/2024

Carrs Pond Rd: William A. Johnson of East Greenwich to Rhode Island Custom Bldrs, $250,000 on 06/21/2024

193 Pine Glen Dr Unit 193: Luciano D. Villarinho of East Greenwich to Jorge J. and Ellen T. Matesanz, $550,000 on 06/17/2024

East Providence

183 Fenner Ave: Jr Erickson George C Est and Matthew D. Slepkow of East Providence to Adam C. Paolino, $359,000 on 06/20/2024

15 Winthrop St: Matthew A. Taylor of East Providence to Ryan-Rodrigues, $410,000 on 06/21/2024

89 Holly St: Ne Home Buyer LLC of East Providence to Gabriella Porcaro, $450,000 on 06/17/2024

48 Bristol Ave: Ri Custom Bldrs LLC of East Providence to Martin Rogachefsky and Margarida Veiga, $524,900 on 06/20/2024

17-19 Washburn Ave: Sheridan Decristoforo of East Providence to Bra Paiva, $590,000 on 06/20/2024

61 Gerald St: Victor Claudio of East Providence to Michael F. Mariquit, $435,000 on 06/17/2024

842 Bullocks Point Ave Unit 842: Brian J. Albano of East Providence to Margaret A. and Charles W. Ziegler, $405,000 on 06/20/2024

200 Roger Williams Ave Unit 112: Kim Barron of East Providence to Karthikeyani Chellappa, $350,000 on 06/17/2024

151 Willett Ave Unit 10: Sarah Mcpeake of East Providence to Jodie Bedard, $260,000 on 06/17/2024


36 E Shore Dr: Kathryn D. Ryan of Exeter to William G. Graves, $360,000 on 06/21/2024

167 Liberty Rd: Kenyon Ray H Est and Jani C. Kenyon of Exeter to Brendon L. Mckeen, $220,000 on 06/28/2024

Fall River

25 Home St: Brittany Nali of Fall River to Celly C. Gomes and Janilde N. Ramos-Gomes, $570,000 on 06/20/2024

265 N Marion St: Ciolfi Ft and Laurence Clofi of Fall River to Anthony Reis, $495,000 on 06/17/2024

105 Andrews St: Edward S. and Paula C. Paluch of Fall River to Amy Strong, $525,000 on 06/17/2024

39 Sachem St: Emilly M. Melendez of Fall River to Carmen M. and Sarah M. Nave, $410,000 on 06/18/2024

156 Kilburn St: Hermano Johnson of Fall River to Alexandra Morgan and Benjamin Morgan-Dillon, $630,000 on 06/20/2024

70 Jencks St: Lima Joao Est and Cidelia Correia of Fall River to Sandra Barbosa and Malisa B. Martins, $545,000 on 06/20/2024

156 Bogle St: Michael and Athena Araujo of Fall River to Netisha N. Jarvis, $600,000 on 06/17/2024

100 Warner St: Patrick J. Donovan of Fall River to Emily Melendez and Mariano P. Ramirez, $516,500 on 06/18/2024

82 Snell St: Richard Lilianne A Est and Suzanne Mcguirk of Fall River to James Tingue, $680,000 on 06/17/2024

162 Hanover St: Twh LLC of Fall River to Cody Tai, $300,000 on 06/20/2024

550 Spring St Unit 1: Grizotte Capital LLC of Fall River to Andre J. Hazel, $389,900 on 06/17/2024


11 Burgate St: Andrea R. and Laura J. Denoncour of Glocester to Jamon Nuget, $430,000 on 06/28/2024

162 Indian Trl: Carol A. Tessitore of Glocester to Felix Marinelli, $549,900 on 06/21/2024

13 Oliver St: Jamon Nugent of Glocester to Gina Tvelia, $400,000 on 06/28/2024

12 Cedar Trl: Joseph G. Somers of Glocester to Jenny and Roger Ackley, $560,000 on 06/25/2024

Echo Rd: Joseph G. Somers of Glocester to Roger Ackley 2014 T and Roger Ackley, $150,000 on 06/25/2024

11 Teaberry Dr: Loreen R. Robbins of Glocester to Alexander M. and Lauren R. Borden, $750,000 on 06/24/2024

189 Keach Pond Dr: Michael and Ann Kerouac of Glocester to Keneth and Jannie Herchuk, $584,900 on 06/28/2024

120 Eddy Rd: Richard B. and Deborah L. Sanford of Glocester to Meghan E. Corkery and Robert Reasoner, $600,000 on 06/25/2024

566 Durfee Hill Rd: Robert M. and Deanna L. Disalvo of Glocester to Brianna Brady, $650,000 on 06/28/2024


10 Quiet Oak Dr: Downing Dawn A Est and Nicholas T. Coon of Hopkinton to Kenneth A. Hayes, $305,000 on 06/18/2024

240 Canonchet Rd: Katherine H. Goodridge of Hopkinton to Dmitry and Elena Babenko, $668,000 on 06/18/2024

4 Spy Glass Cir Unit 7A: Robert S. and Rachel E. Cruz of Hopkinton to Richard A. and Pamela A. Blanco, $600,000 on 06/10/2024


100 Garboard St: Zhuzhong Yuan and Y Zhang of Jamestown to Amanda Fredette and Jonathan Lucido, $1,150,000 on 06/17/2024


71 Elm St: Amj Properties LLC of Johnston to Greenwich Bay Hldg LLC, $1,650,000 on 06/28/2024

40 Maple Ave: Anthony J. Macera of Johnston to Adinson C. Paniagua and Keila E. Cosme, $662,000 on 06/27/2024

42 Pine Hill Rd: Bileay Investments LLC of Johnston to Joilson and Dayna Furlan, $600,000 on 06/27/2024

30 Peppermint Ln: Brian W. and Ann M. Van Nort of Johnston to Aaa Properties LLC, $535,000 on 06/27/2024

41 Rosemont Ave: Cdri LLC of Johnston to Huang H. Ding, $530,000 on 06/25/2024

Fern Way: Ernest N. and Fernanda M. Watson of Johnston to Bileau Investments LLC, $360,000 on 06/27/2024

Route 295: Ernest Ricci and Anne M. Montgomery of Johnston to Colbea Enterprises LLC, $77,500 on 06/24/2024

10 Sydney Rose Ct: Expo Development LLC of Johnston to Mohammed and Mehjabeen Nayeemuddin, $459,000 on 06/21/2024

15-R Milton St: Frances A. Cyr of Johnston to Joao Correia and Romina Lima, $276,000 on 06/20/2024

2 Camelot Cir: M&a Family Realty LLC of Johnston to Marisa A. and Nicholas Souto, $535,000 on 06/21/2024

2 Camelot Cir: M&a Family Realty LLC of Johnston to Marisa A. and Nicholas Souto, $535,000 on 06/24/2024

3 Phillips St: Mark M. Larsen of Johnston to Joshua Pytka and Andrea Vinacco, $350,000 on 06/25/2024

682 Greenville Ave: Merolia Anthony J Est and Kimberly M. Brito of Johnston to M&a Family Realty LLC, $300,000 on 06/27/2024

45 Dix Ave: No Limit Assets LLC of Johnston to Michael A. Mason, $479,900 on 06/25/2024

Mascio Dr: Robert E. Moll of Johnston to New Ers LLC, $165,000 on 06/25/2024

398 George Waterman Rd: Samayoa Properties LLC of Johnston to Adelita M. Ruiz and Jose C. Llenque, $380,000 on 06/20/2024

380-382 Killingly St: Shengxiang LLC of Johnston to Turcotte Realty LLC, $550,000 on 06/26/2024

11 Bishop Hill Rd: Susan Johnston of Johnston to Ajie F. Saho and Brian C. Forrest, $329,900 on 06/27/2024

6 Emilia St: Valdo Mcrcurio of Johnston to Nolan Young and Alexandria Semer, $400,000 on 06/28/2024

109 Brown Ave: William J. Murphy of Johnston to Meng and Mcnglu J. Ung, $320,000 on 06/21/2024


82 Ash St: Babji Salman of Lincoln to Vinton Mcfarlane, $510,000 on 06/24/2024

Division St: Denise M. Savard of Lincoln to Smart Inv Realty LLC, $400,000 on 06/27/2024

20 Musket Rd: Gregory A. and Cailtlin E. Avenia of Lincoln to Marjorie M. Shekarchi, $600,000 on 06/28/2024

12 Timberland Dr: Jonathan P. and Paula C. Burke of Lincoln to Daniel P. and Sarah A. Belhumeur, $761,100 on 06/20/2024

112 Bouvier Ave: Julie Larivee of Lincoln to Kevin Mcdonald, $317,100 on 06/28/2024

104 Main St: Leo and Tammy Barchiesi of Lincoln to David W. and Shannon T. Asselin, $363,000 on 06/24/2024

14 Cullen Hill Rd: Nichols A. and Alexios R. Sholtis of Lincoln to Austin Cloutier, $405,000 on 06/28/2024

10 Evergreen Rd: Robert Alteri of Lincoln to Guy L. Williams and Karen A. Terranova, $700,000 on 06/24/2024

117 John St Unit 22: Brian N. and Carla M. Bouthillette of Lincoln to Karen A. Durand, $140,000 on 06/20/2024

107 Old River Rd Unit 2: Old River Rd Dev LLC of Lincoln to Geroge R. and Nancy A. Champagne, $569,900 on 06/27/2024

Little Compton

Burchard Ave: Donald and Pamela Fleming of Little Compton to Alobel Ft and Roderick Macleish, $1,150,000 on 06/24/2024


43 Aquidneck Ave: Beachside Holdings LLC of Middletown to The Meetings Pl LLC, $350,000 on 06/21/2024

107 Purgatory Rd: James F. and Christina P. Volkwein of Middletown to 107 Purgatory Rd Rt and Michael Nyhan, $4,800,000 on 06/27/2024

Kent Rd: Keefe Leo G Est and Richard Keefe of Middletown to Jeffrey A. and Allison Sacher, $200,000 on 06/20/2024

3 Admiral Ct: Mary J. Bunyan of Middletown to Abby P. and Richard P. Armstrong, $445,000 on 06/27/2024

5 Kent Rd: Richard and James Keefe of Middletown to Jeffrey A. and Allison Sacher, $1,400,000 on 06/20/2024

16 Massachusetts Ave: Souza Richard F Est and Richard F. Souza of Middletown to Juan L. Gomez and Dora L. Perez, $449,000 on 06/21/2024

12 Sanderling Way Unit 12: Elizabeth A. Maher of Middletown to William F. Greene, $774,000 on 06/20/2024

313 Freedom Trail Dr Unit 6-8: Island View Partners LLC of Middletown to Gerald and Lauren Burnette, $810,250 on 06/28/2024

26 Valley Rd Unit 203: J R. and Karin E. Jackson of Middletown to Mnc LLC, $179,000 on 06/21/2024


20 Marine Dr: Debra R. Aubin of Narragansett to Timothy P. Andruszkiewicz, $1,400,000 on 06/20/2024

411 Wandsworth St: Douglas A. and Cynthia E. Baer of Narragansett to Smith Family 2024 RET and Richard B. Smith, $1,250,000 on 06/20/2024

152 Gibson Ave: Martin A. and Jennifer L. Mcelroy of Narragansett to Nima and Carolyn T. Behazin, $1,788,000 on 06/21/2024

43 Sumac Trl: Paul & Margaret Bernardi and Paul T. Bernardi of Narragansett to Jeffrey A. and Julia Barnes, $535,000 on 06/18/2024

2 Lakeview Dr: Sedat Erkeskin of Narragansett to Brendan Oconnell, $510,000 on 06/17/2024

21 Sassafras Trl: Steven M. Barney of Narragansett to Douglas A. and Cynthia E. Baer, $570,000 on 06/20/2024

908 Boston Neck Rd Unit 11: David S. and Cynthia A. Tanzi of Narragansett to Leonard F. and Mary B. Costa, $260,000 on 06/21/2024

135 Saltaire Ave Unit B: Patricia A Newsham Admini and Christine Patricca of Narragansett to Paul J. and Sarah A. Newsham, $866,500 on 06/17/2024


7 Loyola Ter: Dean C. and Kimberly A. Mathews of Newport to David J. and Kerry M. Dick, $895,000 on 06/17/2024

425 Gibbs Ave: Laplant Family Irt and Geoffrey R. Laplant of Newport to Edward K. and Meredith A. Adams, $3,290,000 on 06/17/2024

North Attleboro

98 Ruest Rd: Barry L. and Kelly A. Logue of North Attleboro to Rajnish Relan, $803,000 on 06/18/2024

670 Hickory Rd: Gina M. Bencivenga of North Attleboro to Joshua and Michelle Vining, $760,000 on 06/18/2024

10 Hunting St: Kathryn Shakun of North Attleboro to Sunyub and Kathy Hwang, $600,000 on 06/20/2024

148 Horace Darling Dr: Mary C. and Jon R. Hamilton of North Attleboro to Benjamin and Amanda Libbey, $600,000 on 06/20/2024

21 Pearl St: Singamaneni Rt and Divakar Singamaneni of North Attleboro to Jigneshkumar Thummar and Smruti Dudhat, $1,020,000 on 06/20/2024

56 Oakhurst St Unit 2: Kevin D. Alicea of North Attleboro to Michael J. and Rihan E. Fusaris, $410,000 on 06/18/2024

North Kingstown

279 Orchard Woods Dr: Anne M. and David J. Andrews of North Kingstown to Bethany N. and Christopher R. Siravo, $845,000 on 06/27/2024

915 N Quidnessell Rd: Caldwell David A Est and David A. Cladwell of North Kingstown to Amr Mohamed, $600,000 on 06/28/2024

490 Old Baptist Rd: Four Ninety Ob LLC of North Kingstown to Suburban Renewal Inc, $437,630 on 06/28/2024

80 Winsor Ave: Kalen Arreola of North Kingstown to Jodi F. Green, $506,000 on 06/28/2024

332 N Quidnessett Rd: Laura V. Forman of North Kingstown to Caroline K. Knights and John A. Krantz, $805,000 on 06/24/2024

73 Collation Dr: Lauree J. Champagne of North Kingstown to Connor J. Gilmore, $225,000 on 06/28/2024

40 Grove Ave: Marsha L. Saracco of North Kingstown to Patriot Home Buyers LLC, $235,000 on 06/27/2024

289 Essex Rd: North K Properties LLC of North Kingstown to Storybrook Homes Inc and Nkc Investments LLC, $200,000 on 06/28/2024

483 Ten Rod Rd: Pamela A. Allen of North Kingstown to Roger A. and Eileen G. Karr, $299,000 on 06/26/2024

28 Ginger Ct: Richard K. Belrinsky of North Kingstown to Eric and Katrina Chaves, $1,000,000 on 06/27/2024

220 Juniper Dr: Robin B. Corst of North Kingstown to Nicholas S. Gatto and Julie M. Peck, $884,000 on 06/26/2024

143 Greenmeadow Cir: Ross Marie Hall Irt and Nancy E. Hess of North Kingstown to Alicia R. and Timothy J. Rainey, $400,000 on 06/27/2024

80 Candy Apple Ln: Sherri L. Ballou of North Kingstown to Elizabeth T. Metharatta and William R. Darick, $817,050 on 06/21/2024

10 Tourjee Ln Unit 10: Camp Ave Prop Ii LLC of North Kingstown to Alward Ft and William T. Alward, $759,914 on 06/24/2024

295 Fishing Cove Rd Unit 295: Paul Brister of North Kingstown to Geraldine A. and Michael Tamborelli, $580,000 on 06/24/2024

North Providence

85 Olympia Ave: Andrew and Jean M. Baldino of North Providence to Eusebio L. Martins, $365,000 on 06/17/2024

250 Gentian Ave: Jason A Simonian Ua RET and Melissa A. Simonian of North Providence to Pichuna Takubusoka, $225,000 on 06/21/2024

1111 Charles St: Luigi Lancellotta of North Providence to Cp Investments LLC, $375,000 on 06/21/2024

12 Armand Dr: Marie E. Martinez of North Providence to Emerson Cornejo, $445,000 on 06/17/2024

1300 Douglas Ave: Melissa M. Castore and Richard L. Valenti of North Providence to Kaimanes Hm Improvement L, $320,000 on 06/20/2024

380 Sunset Ave Unit 5: Daniel and Eric Chin of North Providence to Fiona L. and Rickey C. Anonuevo, $240,000 on 06/18/2024

1190 Charles St Unit 54: Kevin M. Whitworth of North Providence to Evan Davis, $160,000 on 06/17/2024

20 Hurdis St Unit 11: Walin Acosta and Lisnel Arias of North Providence to Linda Wilson, $135,000 on 06/17/2024

North Smithfield

Edward Ave Lot 5: Kimberly A Godfrin RET and Kimberly A. Godfrin of North Smithfield to Leroy Dailey, $220,000 on 06/20/2024

Log Rd: Macpherson Bldg LLC of North Smithfield to Daryl Paux, $182,500 on 06/21/2024

169 Sayles Hill Rd: Todd A. Caisse of North Smithfield to Jordan J. and Hilary C. Dube, $650,000 on 06/20/2024


285 Hillside Ave: Amitai and Sheila Shenhav of Pawtucket to Jenniefr Roloff and Matthew Lebalnc, $721,300 on 06/28/2024

35 Riverview Ave: Andrew and Daisy L. Dalomba of Pawtucket to Richard Palumbo, $131,500 on 06/21/2024

45 Melrose Ave: Beauchamp Richard R Est and Laura Beauchamp of Pawtucket to Xxl Investments LLC, $280,000 on 06/20/2024

130 Brewster St: Carol Tedesco of Pawtucket to Esther A. Gallois and Erick R. Armburst, $420,000 on 06/28/2024

132 W Lawn Ave: Christian F. Rodriguez of Pawtucket to Efrain Taboado and Megal R. Sanchez, $350,000 on 06/27/2024

22 Gooding St: Douglas J. Mullen of Pawtucket to Moss Home Solutions LLC, $440,000 on 06/26/2024

60 Fiume St: Edmund R. Korb and Everett Carvalho of Pawtucket to Kenneth Lachapelle, $212,000 on 06/20/2024

78 Margaret St: Edward and Josephine Catone of Pawtucket to Suzana T. Varela and Henrique F. Rodrigues, $505,000 on 06/28/2024

73 Coyle Ave: Edwerd J. and Cynthia A. Mardo of Pawtucket to David M. White and Allan J. Larkin, $605,000 on 06/28/2024

Capwell Ave: Grotto Group Prop LLC of Pawtucket to Shakti and Prasanth Rau, $940,000 on 06/27/2024

20 Blodgett Ln: Hope P Hollinrake RET and Hope P. Mcgarty of Pawtucket to Precourt Builds Inc, $540,000 on 06/28/2024

46 Lindesta Rd: Jacob A. and Rochelle D. Graff of Pawtucket to Kevin S. Roach and Angela M. Gouin, $395,000 on 06/24/2024

15 York Ave: Jma 15 York Ave LLC of Pawtucket to Iman Melhem, $650,000 on 06/24/2024

146 Sonate St: Jose O. Galvan of Pawtucket to Ard Investments LLC, $240,000 on 06/24/2024

25 Hunter Ave: Joshua and Heather Williams of Pawtucket to Ryan Maynard and Kerrie Wilcox, $380,000 on 06/24/2024

100 Freight St: Kenwood Realty LLC and 330 Realty LLC of Pawtucket to Pawtucket City Of, $14,800,000 on 06/28/2024

33 Weeden St: Kevin Santos and Rosa Lopes of Pawtucket to Ana Monteiro and Maria H. Gomes-Gubau, $380,000 on 06/27/2024

19 W Lawn Ave: Linda A. Blais of Pawtucket to Regina E. Cosby, $485,000 on 06/24/2024

9 Ash St: Luis Perez and Nairodie E. Tabora of Pawtucket to Valentina Pebles and Alexis T. Aza, $530,000 on 06/24/2024

78 Hobson Ave: Manuel Reis and Sandra Cardosa of Pawtucket to Heliane Vieira and I D. Pina-Lopez-Mendez, $427,000 on 06/20/2024

25 Scott St: Maria A. Rangel and Kimberly Santos of Pawtucket to Caroline Richardson, $945,000 on 06/27/2024

20 Norris Ave: Matilda Piers and Joao Viera of Pawtucket to Priscilla Santtago, $480,000 on 06/26/2024

12 Whitman St: Ortiz Invetments LLC of Pawtucket to Ghulam and Ruksana M. Surti, $375,000 on 06/28/2024

804 Main St: Ortiz Str LLC of Pawtucket to Ghulam and Ruksana M. Surti, $650,000 on 06/28/2024

931 York Ave: Pawtucketctrl Falls Dev C of Pawtucket to Tierra M. Souza and Joshua C. Santiago, $299,000 on 06/24/2024

50 Marvis St: Pcf Ventures LLC of Pawtucket to Jason M. Sofia, $299,000 on 06/28/2024

181 Chanlder St: Pedro M. Eusebio of Pawtucket to Joao Vieira and Matilde L. Pires, $370,000 on 06/26/2024

81 Martha St: Robert M. and Laurie A. Carney of Pawtucket to Island Flippers LLC, $465,000 on 06/21/2024

671 Benefit St: Shannon M. and Steven J. Hurley of Pawtucket to Amy Thuck, $440,000 on 06/26/2024

13 Magill St: Tiffany L. Richard of Pawtucket to Brook Meadow Invs LLC, $550,000 on 06/28/2024


45 Daniel Ave: Helio and Nancy M. Melo of Portsmouth to Jan Ramjerdi, $470,000 on 06/21/2024

260 Fischer Cir: John and Pamela Wallace of Portsmouth to Bronya Gregory Shillo Lt and Bronya G. Shillo, $3,280,000 on 06/21/2024

441 Turnpike Ave: Kelly C. Oneill of Portsmouth to Brad A. and Michelle M. Mckelvey, $490,000 on 06/21/2024

35 Portsmouth Ln: Newport Beach Club LLC of Portsmouth to Elizabeth A Tracy T and Elizabeth A. Tracy, $1,395,000 on 06/26/2024

249 Middle Rd: Peter E. and Brena L. St Jacques of Portsmouth to Anchor Investment LLC, $225,000 on 06/28/2024

121 Cromwell Dr: Peter J. and Debra M. Ohearn of Portsmouth to Fleury Properties LLC, $1,150,000 on 06/25/2024

2958 E Main Rd: Rhonda A. Bergeron and Grafton H. Willey of Portsmouth to 469 Bristol Ferry Rd LLC, $275,000 on 06/28/2024

68 Bancroft Dr: Ryan J. and Kellie S. Kirwin of Portsmouth to Peter and Tracy A. Wekstein, $1,325,000 on 06/21/2024

313 Freedom Trail Dr Unit 6-8: Island View Partners LLC of Portsmouth to Gerald and Lauren Burnette, $810,250 on 06/28/2024


N/A: 1 Know A Guy LLC of Providence to Saony Long and Youhan J. Sing, $383,000 on 06/28/2024

44 Grape St: 44 Grape LLC of Providence to Yroll D. Socorro-Ortiz, $750,000 on 06/24/2024

80 Pitman St: Abbey J. Kaknes of Providence to Lin Li, $458,000 on 06/24/2024

132 Fisk St: Adrian A. Hernandez of Providence to Manuel D. Perez-Mendez, $275,000 on 06/28/2024

112 Beron St: Alexa and Angel L. Ortiz of Providence to Lidia M. Villar, $622,000 on 06/26/2024

222 Pleasant St: Alexander Macielak of Providence to Michael Casinelli, $798,500 on 06/28/2024

7 Wolfe St: Alexis A. Silvestre and Ariela M. Echavarria of Providence to Monyroath K. Suon, $360,000 on 06/20/2024

236-238 Atwells Ave: Amt Holdings LLC of Providence to Ly Properties LLC, $2,150,000 on 06/28/2024

10 East St: Amy Volpe of Providence to Maggie Cleveland, $576,000 on 06/28/2024

28-30 Amory St: Angela Agwunobi of Providence to Isaac Telemaco, $530,000 on 06/28/2024

22-24 Goddard St: Anna R. Lee of Providence to Gregory Cannon, $700,000 on 06/25/2024

23 Sibley St: Arguisha T. and Carlos R. Moreno of Providence to Tarnue Kamara, $310,000 on 06/17/2024

29 Lillian Ave: Austrelia J. Dealmonte and Daneyri T. Almonte-Jimenez of Providence to Jose G. Cordones and Adia J. Jimenez-Matias, $387,000 on 06/20/2024

1 W Echange St: Behzad S. Pajouh and Maryam Bonakdar of Providence to Wai M. Raymond-Wong and Leung Y. Chan, $685,000 on 06/28/2024

N/A: Betsy Shea Taylor Lt and Betsy S. Taylor of Providence to Rmarshall D. Qium and Emely Vallee, $815,000 on 06/18/2024

170 Wood St: Blueprint Ia LLC of Providence to Real Empire Const Svc LLC, $480,000 on 06/21/2024

242 Williams St: Caitlin E. Takeda of Providence to Karen E. Rizzuto and Michael T. Sullivan, $355,000 on 06/27/2024

64 Hawkins St: Carl King of Providence to Shay Dipina, $225,000 on 06/17/2024

39 Camden Ave: Carlos S. Reyes of Providence to Glenys Almanzar, $615,000 on 06/24/2024

15 Shelden St: Carlson Glgovac Lt and Susan D. Glogovac of Providence to Barbara J. and Mark W. Haffner, $1,171,000 on 06/27/2024

903 Providnece Pl: Cenetr Building Inc of Providence to A B. Martinez-Merino, $325,000 on 06/24/2024

146 Waldo St: Chela F. Allen of Providence to Ri Adventures LLC, $135,000 on 06/28/2024

33 Durham St: Chloe A. Kiritz and Christopher M. Melonio of Providence to Calley O. Rock, $415,000 on 06/28/2024

37 Durham St: Chloe A. Kiritz of Providence to Elite Prop Solutions LLC, $175,000 on 06/20/2024

729 Mount Pleasant Ave: Christopher A. Estrada and Beatriz Noriega of Providence to Luis Perez and Nairois E. Tabora, $420,000 on 06/21/2024

191 Washington St: Cicie Ctr Pking Assoc LLC of Providence to Fruitwalk LLC, $12,700,000 on 06/26/2024

70 Humboldt Ave: Claudia D. and Henry Henderson of Providence to Charlotte Duhamel and Gregory Licholai, $1,500,000 on 06/17/2024

19 Hymer St: Cloverlyn Powell of Providence to Bridget E. Anthony, $250,000 on 06/28/2024

123 Burling Ton St: Coastway Management LLC of Providence to Archer Homes LLC, $1,390,000 on 06/26/2024

6 Olive St: D & Leyla Scott RET and David C. Anthony-Scott of Providence to Chabadof College Hill Inc, $2,239,575 on 06/26/2024

89 President Ave: Darin K. and Kelly A. Vest of Providence to Peter D. Hull and Benjamin R. Johnson, $1,700,000 on 06/17/2024

115 Transit St: David F. Betsch and Renee Buisson of Providence to Peter Drukker, $850,000 on 06/18/2024

86-90 Federal St: David and Amy P. Zawacki of Providence to Kevin Miller, $642,500 on 06/17/2024

514 Branch Ave: Dino Mencarini of Providence to Luis A. Serrano, $320,000 on 06/21/2024

115 Alvin St: Ebra Francis J Est and Joseph Erba of Providence to Properties Franco Buy & S, $185,000 on 06/21/2024

30 Lorimer Ave: Emily L. Eisenstein and Matthew T. Rutz of Providence to Olivia R. Avidan and Christopher R. Graves, $777,000 on 06/24/2024

55 Lowell Ave: Empire Group LLC of Providence to Eulalia C. Bulux-Debaquiax, $640,000 on 06/18/2024

15 Washburn St: Excel Prop Soln Ri LLC of Providence to Annemarie Chang, $360,000 on 06/18/2024

123 Mount Pleasant St: Fitzgerald Rdoriguez of Providence to Oliver J. Sanchez-Herrera, $460,000 on 06/28/2024

8 Mawney St: Fracisco R. Fernandez of Providence to Raquael L. Detavarez and Jsoe F. Tavarez, $525,000 on 06/17/2024

107 Benevolent St: Francesco M. Scotti of Providence to 107 Benevolentt St T and Marc A. Grenefield, $3,200,000 on 06/21/2024

77 Marion Ave N: Frank Altieri and Kelly Loffredo of Providence to Ashley and George E. Valerio, $580,000 on 06/28/2024

1301 Smith St: Fred Simon of Providence to Angelo Liquori, $410,000 on 06/25/2024

88 Ardmore St: Georgios and Christina Lemonakis of Providence to Emann Allebban and Bilal Ibrahim, $660,000 on 06/20/2024

45 Paul St: Gerard J. and Jean M. Charpentier of Providence to Ocean State Homes LLC, $300,000 on 06/26/2024

20 Laurel Hill Ave: Gregorio A. Cruz of Providence to Pedro L. Guerrero and Clara E. Perezgonzales, $570,000 on 06/18/2024

N/A: Have It Maid LLC of Providence to Sandra C. Gomes, $785,000 on 06/25/2024

200 Virginia Ave: Huan Zhang of Providence to Sokrany Proeun, $360,000 on 06/28/2024

12 Humboldt Ave: Inge T Chaffee T and Inge T. Chaffe of Providence to Henry and Matti Brown, $1,645,000 on 06/28/2024

34 Morris Ave: Israel S. and Tzipora N. Purec of Providence to Dc Invetsments LLC, $710,000 on 06/25/2024

50 Texas Ave: Jhoel A. Garcia and Elizabeth R. Nunez of Providence to Anabel Medina and Wendy M. Medina-Macias, $410,000 on 06/28/2024

181 Carpenter St: Joann and Michael Spremulli of Providence to Sudneep and Amar N. Sood, $607,500 on 06/25/2024

555 Dexter St: Jocilyn Y. Hardguittini of Providence to Dean Defusco, $325,000 on 06/24/2024

11 Balcom St: Jose A. Laureano of Providence to Gustavo Perez, $295,000 on 06/27/2024

766 Atwells Ave: Jose L. and Jose L. Samayoa of Providence to Nunshel Thys, $580,000 on 06/25/2024

256 Olney St: Judson P Saviskas T and Judson P. Saviskas of Providence to Stefano Eusepi and Aysegul Sahin, $1,350,000 on 06/21/2024

63 Chester Ave: Ktyltiff Invs & Consultin of Providence to Jetro A. Pergentino, $434,000 on 06/25/2024

N/A: Lori E. Betts of Providence to Papillon Hm Solutions LLC, $180,000 on 06/28/2024

352 Lioyd Ave: Lynn K. and Jeffrey S. Logan of Providence to Brian M. Clancy and Nina S. Kohli, $1,165,000 on 06/28/2024

68 E Manning St: Magaret K Hajdarovic RET and Margaret K. Hajdarovic of Providence to Jani and Nicholas Janigian, $500,000 on 06/28/2024

180-182 Ford St: Manuel Mercedes of Providence to Brian R. Marzoilli and Matthew Abiri, $480,000 on 06/17/2024

443 Wayland Ave: Marina B. Levinson and Alla Mostovaya of Providence to Sandra B. Levis, $690,000 on 06/28/2024

532 Union Ave: Maritza Rosa of Providence to Hans E. Miranda-Rodriguez, $620,000 on 06/28/2024

18 Dove St: Mark W. and Barbara J. Haffner of Providence to Jennifer A. Mccolloch, $1,135,000 on 06/27/2024

47 Sibyl St: Mary L. Coleman of Providence to Elevator Properteis Inc, $190,000 on 06/20/2024

233 Sterling Ave: Mervelyn C. Abao of Providence to Florencia M. Bulux-Tzoc and Josue D. Meletz, $451,000 on 06/26/2024

111 Fosdyke St: Michael H Fradin T and Michael H. Fradin of Providence to Adam J. and Alisse H. Janicki, $1,080,000 on 06/20/2024

Oriole Ave: Michael R. and Nadine T. Himelfarb of Providence to Corwin Ziegler and Lily Alstein, $2,700,000 on 06/21/2024

349 Cole Ave: Michele A. Wright of Providence to Ana M. Francisco and Geoffrey E. Stilwell, $1,250,000 on 06/20/2024

19 Stone St: Michelle Mcelroy of Providence to Laura D. Green and Sergio M. Orozco, $226,000 on 06/20/2024

30 Potter Dr: Nancy D. Cook of Providence to Estephany E. Nunez, $410,000 on 06/24/2024

94-96 Althea St: Narin and Samoeun Ok of Providence to Santo A. Marius and Johmany P. Martius-Jorge, $550,000 on 06/21/2024

148 Blackstone Blvd: Nicholas S. Stendar and Jenna R. Lillemoe of Providence to Babar and Nehal Khokhar, $1,650,000 on 06/28/2024

116 Laura St: Novatel LLC of Providence to Humberto G. Bello, $630,000 on 06/17/2024

130 4th St: Paul Tarullo of Providence to Olivia I. Rios, $830,000 on 06/25/2024

75 Eagle St: Peter Setnokowksi of Providence to Rui Pereira, $280,000 on 06/18/2024

29 Matson Ave: Pinecrest Holdings LLC of Providence to Sy Propertie Sllc, $210,000 on 06/25/2024

62 Russo St: Profile Realty LLC of Providence to 62-1 Russo St LLC and 62-2 Russo St LLC, $665,995 on 06/26/2024

33 Legion Memorial Dr: Quality Business LLC of Providence to Omar A. Garcia-Reyes and Teresita T. Acosta, $450,000 on 06/24/2024

1 Brighton St: Raymond C. Durigan of Providence to Marvin Tabares, $360,000 on 06/21/2024

180 8th St: Rebecca Nuger of Providence to Shari E. Idelson and Joshua R. Seidman, $785,000 on 06/28/2024

7-9 Jillson St: Rei Maria A Est and Connie M. Rei of Providence to Melivin A. Inirio, $450,000 on 06/25/2024

37 Arch St: Robert Hutton and Ayako Takase of Providence to Tracy Steepy, $30,000 on 06/26/2024

351 Doyle Ave: Robert P Bowen RET and Robert P. Bowen of Providence to Alena and Gregory Bertoncini, $1,040,000 on 06/20/2024

2 Ware Ct: Rossco Contracting Grp LL of Providence to Benjamin and Joanna Houldridge, $321,600 on 06/28/2024

6-8 Ware Ct: Rossco Contracting Grp LL of Providence to Jose A. German, $599,000 on 06/17/2024

20 Clarendon Ave: Sanya F Gray RET and Norine Duncan of Providence to Jessica Ricci, $475,000 on 06/28/2024

44 Ridgeway Ave: Sayra L. Fernandes of Providence to Farheen Fatima, $530,000 on 06/21/2024

155 Babecock St: Sc Construction LLC of Providence to Karla M. and Minerva Quiroz, $440,000 on 06/20/2024

35 Kenyon St: Shannon M. Curley of Providence to Lynh B. Chau, $315,000 on 06/20/2024

64 Hawkins St: Shay Dipina of Providence to Elite Prop Solutions LLC, $340,000 on 06/17/2024

89 University Ave: Susan M. Pezzullo-Rhodes of Providence to Marc and Sarit Lesser, $852,000 on 06/17/2024

8-10 Slocum St: Taylor M. Fortnam of Providence to Margaret Mccarney and Michael Wolf, $285,000 on 06/28/2024

80 Harishorn Rd: Tesseract Realty LLC of Providence to Douglas F. Mayo-Wells and Amy B. Lewis, $1,735,000 on 06/25/2024

125 Hazael St: Ths Properties LLC of Providence to Arnders Mason, $399,900 on 06/18/2024

217 Pleasnat St: Timothy M Empkie T and Karen G. Delponte of Providence to Colin Donihue and Claire Santoro, $750,000 on 06/27/2024

37 Langham Rd: Timothy and Brittanie Moroz of Providence to Elizabeth Lanata and Megan Perry, $830,000 on 06/18/2024

116-118 Laban St: Twenty Twelve Fund LLC of Providence to Jose M. and Yunior T. Mendez-Zayas, $510,000 on 06/20/2024

414-416 Adelalde Ave: Tyson R. Tyler of Providence to Marays E. Soto, $540,000 on 06/21/2024

206 Waterman St: Waterman 206 LLC of Providence to Peter and Peter J. Solomon, $439,000 on 06/18/2024

332 Hawkins St: West Prop Acquis LLC of Providence to Hawkins Street LLC, $735,000 on 06/27/2024


34 Holmes St: David W. and Rebeca Wilkerson of Rehoboth to Jacob and Rochelle Graff, $621,000 on 06/20/2024

12 Indian Ln: Foster Irt and Seht A. Foster of Rehoboth to Erika M. and Ravino Chy, $675,000 on 06/17/2024

20 Pleasant St: Marilyn Henley of Rehoboth to Elevator Properties Inc, $225,000 on 06/20/2024

32 Park St: Michael J. and Samantha M. Morais of Rehoboth to Nicholas and Danell A. Felizardo, $645,000 on 06/20/2024

10 Yvonne Ln: Sh Phase 3 LLC of Rehoboth to Sandra Furtado, $206,000 on 06/17/2024


26 Old Richmond Townhouse Rd: James F. Cacciola of Richmond to David A. Dambra, $895,000 on 06/17/2024


29 Wilkinson Rd: Michelle A. Couture and Samuel B. Markle of Scituate to Walter Hollinger, $880,000 on 06/18/2024

52 Peck Hill Rd: Stephen P. and Maria C. Berarducci of Scituate to Michael G. Giouras, $850,000 on 06/17/2024


363 Taunton Ave: J&l Landscaping Co Inc of Seekonk to Mch Properties LLC, $1,300,000 on 06/20/2024


29 Forestwood Dr: Robert M. Vandernoot and Elizabeth C. Mattiessen of Smithfield to Aaron M. and Laura Briggs, $670,000 on 06/18/2024

61 Stillwater Rd: Ronald E. Fanning of Smithfield to Papillon Home Solutions L, $124,518 on 06/21/2024

11 Apple Valley Pkwy Unit 2: Doris F. Costa of Smithfield to Michael D. Parrillo, $237,567 on 06/21/2024

17 Waterview Dr Unit F: Smithfield Town Of of Smithfield to Edward Troiano, $449,900 on 06/21/2024

South Kingstown

208 Ledge Rd: Christopher H. Smith of South Kingstown to Martha B Mcmanamy RET and Martha B. Mcmanamy, $340,000 on 06/18/2024

51 Mulberry Dr: David A. and Maria J. Zaratrian of South Kingstown to Dmitry and Pamela Zagadsky, $820,000 on 06/21/2024

170 North Rd: Margaret L Pierce Lt and Margaret L. Pierce of South Kingstown to Ryan M. and Jennifer L. Vaughn, $665,000 on 06/21/2024

70 Columbia St: Ryky Prop LLC of South Kingstown to Cara Curtis and Scott Schnur, $635,000 on 06/18/2024

2233 Kingstown Rd: William G. Wortman of South Kingstown to Jared A. Hayes, $415,000 on 06/18/2024


46 Clement St: Barbelle Janet Est and Elizabeth A. Terceiro of Swansea to Caitlin Marchetti and Aaron Corvello, $475,000 on 06/20/2024

174 Puffer Ave: Kelsey and Gage Biros of Swansea to Timothy Kisiel and Sarah Mangone, $410,000 on 06/20/2024

87 Milford Rd: Raymond A. Powell of Swansea to Tonya L. Beaudet and Sandy Vertentes, $380,000 on 06/20/2024


49 Richard Dr: Broden Holdings LLC of Tiverton to Kevin J. and Marlo A. Dennis, $362,500 on 06/20/2024

59 Evergreen Ave: Cruz Barbara J Est and Michael Cruz of Tiverton to Pater and Kathleen L. Oconnell, $490,000 on 06/28/2024

Main Rd: Four Corners Prop LLC of Tiverton to 3842 Main Rd LLC, $644,970 on 06/21/2024

107 Bulgarmarsh Rd: Jaremiah C. Lynch of Tiverton to Jason K. Lyons, $412,500 on 06/21/2024


18 Water St: Metatron Enterprise LLC of Warren to Ghazi Prop Grp LLC, $1,150,000 on 06/21/2024


1 Pine Edge Ct: Barbara F Laporte Lt and Marianne Caserta of Warwick to Frank D. Abbatematteo, $530,000 on 06/17/2024

367 Lake Shore Dr: Bernadette Farnsworth of Warwick to David W. Caba, $300,000 on 06/20/2024

49 Fuller St: Christopher and Eileen Dandridge of Warwick to Randall S. Lisi, $315,000 on 06/17/2024

14 Whippoorwill Rd: Craftsmen Hm LLC of Warwick to Alice Omerhi, $475,000 on 06/18/2024

47 Post Rd: David E. Counts of Warwick to Christopher Connal, $850,000 on 06/17/2024

178 Washington St: Deborah A. Kiehl and Karen M. White of Warwick to Peter J. Collard and Annette Y. Maltes Collard, $360,000 on 06/21/2024

82 Massachusetts Ave: Feng Lin of Warwick to Samantha B. and Kevin C. Mccarthy, $341,000 on 06/21/2024

87 Barton Ave: Hannah Cavalieri of Warwick to Daniel H. and Mikaela M. Mccomas, $432,500 on 06/17/2024

71 Limestone St: Joshua D. and Marsharose Slade of Warwick to Maura Watson, $361,000 on 06/17/2024

112 Winifred Ave: Joy Y. and Mario Marziale of Warwick to Tyler S. Gomez and Giulianna Galiano-Gomez, $400,000 on 06/17/2024

1119 Main Ave: Kathryn M. Vient of Warwick to Jessica L. Curci, $260,000 on 06/18/2024

408 Elm St: Laurette M. Gill and Anita L. Manchester of Warwick to Megan R. Horton and Matthew Mazzeo, $380,000 on 06/21/2024

102 Gallway St: Lsf9 Master Participation and Us Bank TNa of Warwick to Victoria A. Santana, $395,000 on 06/17/2024

495 Post Rd: Malo Ft and Geoffrey P. Malo of Warwick to 495 Post Rd LLC, $185,000 on 06/20/2024

495 Post Rd: Malo Teresa P Est and Geoffrey P. Malo of Warwick to 495 Post Rd LLC, $185,000 on 06/20/2024

300 Chapmans Ave: Margaret A. Underwood of Warwick to John Salvator, $450,000 on 06/17/2024

26 Carlton Ave: Michael W. Frye of Warwick to Ri Prop Wire LLC, $275,000 on 06/17/2024

21 Elmer Ave: Rmac T and Us Bank Na of Warwick to Kyle M. Palin and Saydi L. Batista, $305,000 on 06/21/2024

5 Larson Dr: Sheng Chen and Meiyin Weng of Warwick to Kariana J. Tejeda, $490,000 on 06/21/2024

2 Landsdowne Rd: Thomas Wisniewski and Maureen E. Ross of Warwick to Barton S. Ducharme, $855,000 on 06/17/2024

95 Reed St Unit 95: Jodie A. Bedard of Warwick to Sarah Glover, $275,000 on 06/17/2024

23 Benefit St Unit 14: John P. Heron of Warwick to Nolan Tonucci, $286,000 on 06/21/2024

351 New London Ave Unit 505: Stephen P. Lynch of Warwick to Jonathan Menard, $265,000 on 06/21/2024

West Greenwich

24 Donald Potter Rd: Donald C Horne T and Donald C. Horne of West Greenwich to Casey T. and Shaanna K. Factor, $910,000 on 06/21/2024

197 Mishnock Rd: Wade A Carson Lt and Wendy A. Smith of West Greenwich to James Martin, $225,000 on 06/21/2024

West Warwick

27 Vicenzo Dr: Agency LLC of West Warwick to Joseph Jones, $410,000 on 06/21/2024

141 Archambault Ave: Archambault LLC of West Warwick to Archam LLC, $705,000 on 06/20/2024

38 Wakefield St: Brian M. Souza of West Warwick to Shayne J. Cruz, $510,000 on 06/25/2024

38 Tower Rd: Charles F. and Deborah A. Savasta of West Warwick to Mardoqueo O. Roslaes-Perez, $400,000 on 06/28/2024

26 Revere Ave: Diane M Tellier RET and Laura G. Handwerger of West Warwick to Javier Brown, $405,000 on 06/25/2024

6 Woodland Dr: Dmitry Zagadsky of West Warwick to Meredith D. Fitzgerald and Daniel E. Smith, $365,000 on 06/21/2024

36 Red Brook Ln: Joanne Pearson of West Warwick to Lauren A. Counts, $345,000 on 06/21/2024

846 Main St: Kellie and Roy Blair of West Warwick to Robert J. Jacavone, $525,000 on 06/27/2024

16 Ball Ave: Nathan L. Beauvais of West Warwick to Nyree M. and Keith A. Anderson, $355,000 on 06/26/2024

77 Hopedale Dr: Patrick A. and Jackie Ferris of West Warwick to Melanie A. Salerno, $450,000 on 06/28/2024

65 Newell St: Raymond Rodriguez of West Warwick to Christopher Casiello, $425,000 on 06/20/2024

10 Schofield St: Ryan and Anastasia D. Lusignan of West Warwick to Chase Sullivan and Ashley Meizoso, $475,000 on 06/26/2024

11 Woodland Dr: Stephen Ibbitson and Barbara J. Moran of West Warwick to Adam A. Wolff, $386,000 on 06/20/2024

54 River St Unit 129: Blood Diamonds LLC of West Warwick to James E. Kiernan, $155,000 on 06/28/2024

650 E Greenwich Ave Unit 204: Peter Clements and Ralph A. Solmonese of West Warwick to Jose D. Paz-Perez, $300,000 on 06/21/2024

94 Cowesett Ave Unit 4: Re Realty Solutions LLC of West Warwick to Palmira A. Pdula and Steven A. Kelley, $100,000 on 06/20/2024


N/A: Coastal Dental Rlty Hldg of Westerly to Jam Hld Prop LLC, $100,000 on 06/21/2024

139 Canal St: Donald Charnley of Westerly to Joseph Luzzi, $388,800 on 06/27/2024

34 Highland Ave: Frederick J. and Kelly A. Presley of Westerly to Charles E. and Lisa J. Weinstein, $484,000 on 06/27/2024

35 Elm St: Fyfe Jr Samuel R Est and Deborah Dreher of Westerly to Fred D. and Rebecca D. Cruz, $571,500 on 06/28/2024

11 Schilke Dr: J E & Susan M Casale RET and John E. Casale of Westerly to Samuel Lenihan, $515,000 on 06/28/2024

31 Highland Ave: Janet Collins Schab Lt and Nillie J. Collins of Westerly to Ralph G. and Timothy J. Mcelroy, $521,000 on 06/20/2024

15 Dixon St: Jeremy S. and Virginia A. Evans of Westerly to Ocean House Hotel Partner, $649,000 on 06/27/2024

27 Beach St: Joyce E. Panciera of Westerly to Scott C. Oatley, $315,000 on 06/28/2024

18 Bucks Trl: Leo Varriale and Ilia E. Antonino-Varriale of Westerly to Samuel B. Slade and Susan E. Coughlin, $625,000 on 06/26/2024

14 Mantuset Ave: Marianne and John Mirando of Westerly to Adam and Jaime Gomez, $400,000 on 06/24/2024

2 Sandy Ln: Sara N. Crussana of Westerly to Davina F King RET and Davina F. King, $647,500 on 06/24/2024

8 Hunter Ter: Stephanie Hodor RET and Stephanie Hodor of Westerly to Tania Para and Gilberto Garcia, $300,000 on 06/21/2024

26 Wagner Rd: Thomas and Judy L. Ducey of Westerly to Eric and Nicole Sutton, $1,225,000 on 06/20/2024

15 E Hills Rd: Windansea Enterprises Lp of Westerly to Barry Familetto and Steven April, $555,000 on 06/21/2024

5 Compass Way Unit C101: Alan Perlstein and Terry Hamann of Westerly to Lark RET and John P. Lark, $990,000 on 06/27/2024

28 Newbury Dr Unit 28: Cynthia M Billings T and Cynthia M. Billings of Westerly to Michael A. and Lynn M. Reale, $1,150,000 on 06/24/2024


463 American Legion Hwy: Allen W. and Lori Rencurrel of Westport to M Soares Civil Inc, $370,000 on 06/18/2024

Blossom Rd: Warren M. Messier of Westport to Thomas W. and Donna P. Hampton, $75,000 on 06/18/2024


337 Dulude Ave: 337 Dulude LLC of Woonsocket to Katnalu Realty LLC, $650,000 on 06/21/2024

70 N Main St: Colony Properties LLC of Woonsocket to 70 N Main LLC, $1,060,000 on 06/20/2024

658 Grove St: Dionisio Cepeda of Woonsocket to Catherine S. Nath, $376,000 on 06/25/2024

815 River St: Eileen D. Therrien of Woonsocket to Woonsocket City Of, $175,000 on 06/26/2024

33 Achille St: Freedom After White LLC of Woonsocket to Kayla A. Leite, $410,000 on 06/24/2024

478 Cumberland Hill Rd: Justin M. Legare of Woonsocket to Amanda M. Pepin, $520,000 on 06/28/2024

52 Lexington St: Kathryn Chadwick of Woonsocket to William Stergios, $391,000 on 06/21/2024

124 Manila Ave: Normand J. and Godiva Laliberte of Woonsocket to Arec J. Allaire, $425,000 on 06/27/2024

656-658 Grove St: Pnc Bank Na of Woonsocket to Dionisio Cepeda, $322,000 on 06/25/2024

198 4th Ave: Shanshan Wang of Woonsocket to Barsomo Nuay, $550,000 on 06/26/2024

597 S Main St: Suzanne C. and Richard M. Desjardin of Woonsocket to Orbelys T. Tineo, $425,000 on 06/28/2024

96 Mill St Unit 201: Lynda V. Martell of Woonsocket to Mark and Amy E. Bourgeault, $142,500 on 06/28/2024

526 Bernon St Unit 20: Soncentered Re LLC of Woonsocket to Darrin N. Nguyen, $492,650 on 06/28/2024

This article originally appeared on The Providence Journal: RI real estate transactions: What homes sold, for how much and to whom

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