Will Super Bowl tickets get cheaper? Where prices stand with 2 days left

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(NEXSTAR) – With two days to go before Super Bowl LVIII between the 49ers and the Chiefs, some fans are holding out hope of scoring a last minute deal on a ticket.

Heading into the weekend, however, the cheapest seats were still much closer to five figures in price than they were to three.

As of this writing on Friday, a “bargain” ticket for a single fan on resale sites StubHub, Gametime and TickPick ranged from $8,008 to $8,561.

If money isn’t an issue, the priciest ticket on StubHub was at midfield in Section C134, “Zone Club Premium,” for an eye-watering $265,781 after fees.

A Gametime spokesperson told Nexstar in a statement that two days before last year’s Super Bowl matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles, the cheapest seats were $6,264, including all fees.

“The inaugural Las Vegas Super Bowl is continuing to show Vegas’ influence in sports, officially becoming the third best-selling Super Bowl in StubHub history,” Adam Budelli, spokesperson for StubHub, told Nexstar Thursday. “Typically, we see a surge in sales come in the final few days leading up to the Super Bowl so we’re tracking this game to potentially become the second best-selling Super Bowl if it surpasses Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta.”

The average ticket price is down roughly 9.5% from the peak, according to StubHub. Ticket prices surge after the conference championship games and then fall in the run-up to the game, resale company Seat Geek told CBS. Just how much remains to be seen, however.

If you’re wondering who’s buying on the secondary markets right now, StubHub data show that 49er fans are snatching up the high-priced tickets.

The company says it has had buyers from all 50 states and 17 countries, but Californians have purchased a whopping 38% of tickets sold, followed by Missouri/Kansas buyers at 10%, Nevada and Texas both at 6%, and New York at 4%.

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