Woman Wonders If She's Overreacting About Sister's Name Choice For Baby

Parents give their kids weird names sometimes. It all started when Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin had to go ahead and name their kid “Apple,” didn’t it? That was the beginning of the strange, out-of-the-box naming of children. We couldn’t just stick to Jennifer or John. We had to start looking around the room and naming our kids after household items (ie. Blanket Jackson).

As a society, we may have gotten used to a strange name here or there, but one woman on Reddit believes her sister may have topped them all.

In the “/namenerds” Subreddit, a woman asked for affirmation that she is not in the wrong after her big reaction to her sister’s pick for a baby name. Let’s just say, something’s fishy!

The OP begins by explaining that her sister is 7 months pregnant with a baby boy. Another important detail to know about the OP’s sister is that she loves the ocean, sea, and marine life. When she called her sister to catch-up, she asked her about a name for the baby-to-be.

The name her sister had settled on? Seabass.

“I am not making this up, I truly wish I was,” the OP wrote. “She’s always been a playful person, so I truly thought she was joking, but she said she really loved it.”

During a visit at her sister’s house, the OP came across custom name signs that said ‘Seabass,’ as well as a blanket with the soon-to-be baby’s name on it. That’s when she felt she had to say something about the name.

“I told her that I really don’t think this is a good choice, tried to give her other nature or ‘ocean’ names, even asked if she could use the name Sebastian, but she wasn’t having it, and said ‘This name feels right for him.’”

The OP goes on to say that she fully realizes that this is not her child and that her sister can and will do what she wants with her own kid’s name.

“I’m trying to respect her choice. But am I overreacting here? Or is my sister just wild for this?” she asked.

Right off the bat, Reddit users were skeptical that this was even a real post considering the wild nature of the name choice.

“I was so hesitant to post this because I didn’t want people to think I’m joking, but no, I am being serious 🙃,” the OP replied to the skeptics.

“Tell your sister she is naming a future adult! The name Seabass is atrocious,” one user wrote.

Another wrote, “Respectfully, your sister has lost her damn mind. God, I hope she comes back to reality soon. There are so many lovely ocean-based names too!”

One Reddit user asked, “Wow. Does she have a partner who can veto this mistake?”

The OP responded, “No she doesn’t, however, my parents are also trying to get her to change the name”

One Reddit user agreed that “Seabass” was a little out there, but assured the OP that she needs to trust her sister with this decision, citing pregnancy hormones for the momentary lapse in judgment.

“…I wouldn’t worry about it. Your sister will realize on her own what a bizarre name this is and change it herself,” they wrote.

“Pregnancy hormones can be genuinely nuts enough to make someone think Seabass is a beautiful name, but they don’t last forever and she’ll return to her senses, likely before she even leaves the hospital.”

“This has the potential to be a cute silly story your nephew will tell one day about how he was named Seabass for a few hours if you recognize that your sister isn’t yours to control and that this is her baby to name, not yours. But if you keep pushing back and trying to exert control over her choices, you’re going to hurt your relationship with your sister.”

Will the OP’s sister come to senses? Can the family compromise and switch the name to something a little more traditional like Sebastian (“Seabass” for short?)?

After receiving so much feedback, the OP wrote an update: “Wow, thank you for all the responses. She’s not trolling me, although she’s playful, she’s very serious when it comes to money and wouldn’t have stuff made with his name on it if she wasn’t serious.”

“But anyway, I used some of the comments, mainly the fact that he’ll be an adult one day. She did say she will think about using it as a middle name, but that’s ONLY if she finds a name that’s better than Seabass lol and so far she hasn’t yet. So any name suggestions are welcome. Thank you!”

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