You can still score the best 4th of July cooler sales on brands including Igloo, Yeti and RTIC

It may be July 5th, but the 4th of July sales are still on, and now that you’ve seen the fireworks you can concentrate on your plan for making the most of the rest of summer picnics, camping trips and backyard gatherings. And for all these scenarios, you’re going to need a great cooler. Feeling overwhelmed by all the choices? We’ve rounded up the best 4th of July cooler sales below. No need to suffer through tepid drinks or suspect pasta salads — keeping ’em cool is easy.

The best kind of cooler isn’t one that simply chills soda and beer, but one that’s portable, lightweight and looks good, too. Keep scrolling for cooler sales that will help you have the best alfresco experience, whether at the beach, on a boat or in the park.

Yeti is the brand to beat when it comes to coolers. It’s a standout because its coolers keep their contents ice cold for a very long time. Unfortunately, they rarely go on sale. That said, right now, REI Co-op members can score 25% off a selection of Yeti coolers during the REI 4th of July sale. If you’re not a member, now is the time to act: Make a $50 purchase at REI through July 11 and you can add the REI Co-op lifetime membership to your cart for a one-time fee of $30. You’ll get a bonus $30 gift card to use on a future purchase — basically a free membership. And, you’ll get to save on a Yeti. Wins all around!

If you don’t need Yeti-level performance, there are tons of other incredible coolers on the market. We did some digging and found the best 4th of July cooler sales. Take a look below at 14 coolers you can save on right now, on Independence Day. (Want to save on more than coolers? Take a look at our list of the best extended 4th of July sales to shop ahead of the holiday.)

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If you’re looking for a no-fuss cooler tote bag, get this affordable one from Target. It can hold up to 12 cans, and it comes in two summery prints. 

“Used this for an all-day beach trip and the ice held up for the entire day!” said one reviewer. “I was able to fit plenty of snacks and drinks for a few of us, but this seems like it’s a great personal cooler too. Easy to carry and transport, and it’s not too bulky. For the price point, I am very satisfied with this purchase.”

$8 at Target

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If you want a cooler bag that doesn’t actually look like one, this faux leather tote by Igloo is your best bet. It weighs under 2 pounds and it can hold up to 24 standard cans.

“I bought this tote bag to carry all my meals, snacks, drinks with me to work for an entire day,” said one fan. “It works great for this purpose and it looks like a work bag.”

$55 at Igloo

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Hydro Flask

If you like Hydro Flask’s water bottles, you’ll love its coolers. This lightweight cooler tote can keep drinks and snacks cold for up to 36 hours, and its watertight zipper and welded seams keep it leakproof, no matter where you take it.

“The 35 L hydro flask thermal bag is super practical, easy to clean, comfortable and with enough space, ideal for hiking or simply to transport hot or cold food anywhere without worrying about it spoiling, said one shopper. “The seams of the bag are very well defined, the zipper is of very good quality and strong. The fabric is super soft, the sleeves are wide for comfort and the bag has a small but useful front pocket. I am delighted with my hydro flask insulated bag …”

$52 at Hydro Flask

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Mark & Graham

Get your cooler tote personalized at Mark & Graham for just an extra $12.50. Your monogram or initials will look great with its preppy cabana stripe print, available in two colors. It has an extra pocket on the front for carrying straws, napkins and snacks, and a removable crossbody strap so you can stay hands-free.

$75 at Mark & Graham

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Target shoppers rave about this stylish soft-sided cooler. It can hold up to 30 cans and has a small flip-up opening on the top, so you can reach in for a quick drink without unzipping the whole thing and letting out the cool air.

“This is the perfect day at the beach cooler,” said one happy customer. “It fit lunch, snacks and drinks for two kids and two adults, and kept everything cool and insulated. The pockets in the front are great for holding utensils, napkins, wipes, etc. I loved the easy-access top so I didn’t have to get a bunch of sand or dirt in the cooler every time we took something out.”

$26 at Target

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This one is an Amazon top-seller and it’s great for large groups — it can hold up to 75 standard cans! The fact that it’s a soft-sided cooler means it’s lighter than hard-sided options, and it has a few pockets on the sides for holding snacks, utensils and more. 

“The cooler is lightweight and surprisingly large,” said one Amazon shopper. “We had loose ice in it and the ice stayed cold for quite a while, and when it finally melted, there was no leakage at all. The cooler held a lot of stuff and kept everything comfortably cool.”

$39 at Amazon

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This roomy but rugged soft-sider can hold up to 40 cans and will keep contents cold for up to two days. Going to the lake? This baby even floats, so hitch it to your giant inflatable and kick back with all your provisions close by.  

“After speaking with a buddy who has the Yeti Hopper 40 and hearing about its shortcomings … I ordered the RTIC 40 Soft Pack and have been pleased. It holds ice as long as I need it for, which is never more than a whole day or two out on the boat offshore,” said one devotee. “It’s an excellent road-trip cooler to keep on the floor of my F150 behind the center console. When used in the truck, I don’t even zip it closed, just flop the lid closed and it lasted over nine hours without any loss of performance seemingly. The zipper is a little slow to open and close but the cooler has so many attributes that I feel it’s well worth the money. Easy to carry on the shoulder, or by the side handles, even like a grocery bag. I like that it’s soft but still rigid enough to hold its shape perfectly.”

$132 at Amazon

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It’s hard to beat this roller, one of Amazon’s top five camping coolers. It can fit over 100 standard cans (or hold up to 50 cans with 26 pounds of ice) and can keep ice cold for up to five days. The heavy-duty 6-inch wheels make it easy to roll over grass, sand, gravel or anywhere else you decide to take it. More perks: The drain on the bottom requires zero tilting, it has four cup holders on top and you can sit on it — it can hold up to 250 pounds.

“I have two of these — one for work and one for personal use. It is lightweight, easy to roll (nice big wheels), very sturdy and doesn’t leak. Keeps cold really well, even in Texas heat!” shared a shopper.

$75 at Amazon

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This is the cooler you need if you’re camping, climbing sand dunes or really getting off the grid. The wheels on this bad boy are designed to glide over the roughest terrain like skates on ice. It also has four self-draining cup holders, a removable butler tray on the handle for preparing food and serving drinks, an interior suspended food basket, two pole slots for holding umbrellas or fishing rods and a slot on the lid to hold your cellphone upright. It feels like the only thing this cooler can’t do is drive you home!

“It’s a beast,” said one reviewer. “Very pleased with my new cooler, bottle openers, fishing rod holders, huge wheels making it so easy to pull through sand and dirt trails. It was the envy of my last camping trip, and a blessing on the beach. Kept ice for five days.”

$200 at Igloo

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Got a big-game tailgate or family picnic coming up? This cooler has an impressive 96-can capacity and will keep things cold for up to six days. There’s even a built-in bottle opener. And don’t forget about the extra rugged wheels — just look at those babies!

“Absolutely the best cooler we ever had,” said one fan. “It is so well made. So easy to wheel around. I love the [included] divider and the wire rack tray.”

$224 at RTIC

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If you’re looking for a tough hard-sided cooler but don’t necessarily need a massive one, this 25-quart option may be your perfect match. It can hold up to 37 cans, but it’s especially great for fishing. It has skid pads on the bottom to keep it from sliding around a boat and a molded-on ruler on the lid for measuring your fresh catch.

“This cooler is a great in-between size. I bought it for our fishing boat and lunches and drinks for our family of four fit perfectly,” explained one shopper. “It’s not so big that it’s hard to fit in the boat and not too small that stuff doesn’t fit. We left it in the boat overnight and the next morning the ice packs inside were still frozen! It’s very well made and easy to use. I agree with other reviewers that say it is as good at keeping things cold as other (very overpriced) brands.”

$86 at Amazon

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More than 1,200 Walmart shoppers rave about this hard-sided cooler, and it’s easy to see why. It can hold up to 60 cans with ice and keep ice cold for up to seven days. Plus, it has two latches to seal in the chill and flexible handles for carrying it to the beach, park and anywhere else. 

“I am in love with my new Lifetime cooler,” said one five-star reviewer. “I bought it for a road trip camping trip in Arizona and Utah. Mind you, it’s summer. It held up like a gem despite the 102°F weather. Of course, we had to replenish with a bag of ice just to top off once a day, but that is amazing considering the desert heat.”

$109 at Walmart

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This cooler isn’t messing around. It has a 48-can capacity and is 30% lighter than other popular rotomolded options (it’s only 13 pounds!). It can also keep your stuff cold for up to five days. This patriotic color is on sale, as well as six other colors (including plain white, if that’s more your style).

“We love this cooler!” said one shopper. “It has an amazing capacity, and even when completely full, it is still easy to lift and carry. It kept our food cold all day long on Memorial Day (and we used the optional RTIC ice divider as well)! Love the two drain plugs and the bottle opener built-in! Will buy again and would highly recommend!”

$134 at RTIC

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Yes, you have to jump through a few hoops to get this discount — a $30 fee for an REI membership, which you get back in the form of a $30 bonus card — but the Yeti faithful say it’s worth it. This 32.9-liter rotomolded beauty holds 28 cans, and it’s certified bear-safe. There are tie-down slots, a leak-proof drain plug and plenty of other bells and whistles.

“I am a professional river guide and use my Yeti coolers every single day,” said one pro fan. “They hold up to nonstop abuse and use in extreme conditions. … Yeti may cost more but it’s worth every penny when I have a cooler [full] of steaks and beers and rafting through the Grand Canyon or just chilling at your favorite spot.”

Save $60 with REI co-op membership

$240 at REI

The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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